Start’ Em Sit’ Em Quarterbacks – Week 16


Start of the Week –

Jalen Hurts vs Dallas Cowboys

Hurts proved to be efficient once again under center with the Eagles as he managed to score four total touchdowns on the day and over 40 fantasy points. He could win a lot of people fantasy championships this year, so I would roll with him against the Dallas Cowboys. Their defense has toughened up as of late, but that shouldn’t distract you from throwing the rookie in as the start of the week. Lock him in.

Justin Herbert vs Denver Broncos

Another rookie that you should roll with this week is Justin Herbert. Even without a lot of playing time from Keenan Allen and Mike Williams, Herbert delivered a 30 point performance against the Raiders. It was an amazing overtime win for the Chargers, and they should bring home another win with Herbert under center when they face the Denver Broncos. Wind him up and watch him work.

Ryan Tannehill vs Green Bay Packers

The matchup doesn’t seem like a great one, but at this point you can’t afford to sit Ryan Tannehill. He faces the Packers this week who gave Teddy Bridgewater some trouble, but with Green Bay’s defense struggling against the run, Tannehill should be able to take advantage of situations opened up by Derrick Henry. After five touchdowns by him last weekend, it is hard to argue here.

Baker Mayfield vs New York Jets

Mayfield once again put in a great performance against the Giants. Now they face the New York Jets. The Jets were able to take advantage of the dumpster fire game last weekend against the Rams, but the Browns are determined and with the play calling going the way it is, Mayfield should be able to pick apart the Jets at their best and their worst.

Mitch Trubisky vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Is this real life? Am I telling you to start Mitch Trubisky this week? That is right. This isn’t a joke as it is way too early for April Fool’s Day. The Jacksonville defense got torn apart by the rushing game of the Ravens last weekend, and while Trubisky is not Lamar Jackson, the kid is mobile when he can be. I predict the Bears win this game as Mitch as something to prove after being benched long ago for Nick Foles.


Drew Brees vs Minnesota Vikings

Jared Goff vs Seattle Seahawks

Tua Tagovailoa vs Las Vegas Raiders


Sit of the Week –

Kirk Cousins vs New Orleans Saints

Kirk Cousins and the Vikings fell victim to a loss at the hands of the Chicago Bears last weekend, and things get tougher from here. True, the Vikings seemed to have pulled it out against the Saints two years now with upset victories. So maybe just call this a warning here. The Saints will be ready especially after their loss to the Chiefs. The defense will be ready to go to stop Kirk Cousins this time so keep him on the bench this week guys.

Ben Roethlisberger vs Indianapolis Colts

I don’t think I saw more pathetic quarterback play than Big Ben last Monday against the Bengals. He had negative passing yards for a majority of the first half. Negative people, let that sink in. The play calling is hurting the Steelers, and Big Ben almost gave a significant amount of points with interceptions that were dropped. They face the Colts defense this week, and until the Steelers roll with a different game plan, I’d leave Ben on the bench.

Philip Rivers vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Crossing sides here, I would also bench Philip Rivers this week against the Steelers. While some quarterbacks have taken advantage of the Steelers’ struggles as of late, Rivers is the last guy I want going against them. They’re pissed off and angry, and as good as that offensive line is, it worries me here. My guess is that they will roll with a run first attack, and wait for the Steelers to make mistakes. The last time Rivers faced them too, it was not good for him. Keep him sidelined this week.

Gardner Minshew vs Chicago Bears

Minshew actually turned in a decent performance fantasy-wise against the Baltimore Ravens, but a lot of those points were mad when the team was already way far behind. He now faces another good defense in the form of the Chicago Bears that gave Kirk Cousins trouble last weekend. He will be looking to prove something being that Jacksonville now has prime content on drafting Trevor Lawrence which might cause him to take unnecessary risks that could cost managers points.

Marcus Mariota vs Miami Dolphins

Mariota did fantastic coming off the bench for Derek Carr when he got injured with a groin issue. However, I believe he will start this week as well as Carr is supposed to be sidelined for two weeks. Teams will now be prepared for a moblie quarterback scenario. Don’t count Flores and the Dolphins out as they are preparing for him I guarantee it. Also, the way that Miami defense is playing, Mariota should be far away from your starting lineup.


Teddy Bridgewater vs Washington Football Team

Cam Newton vs Buffalo Bills

Ryan Finley vs Houston Texans

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