Yes, Coastal Carolina Belongs in the Playoff

Sheesh, looks like I had a few too many on Saturday night…

TFTB’s resident bandwagon fan checking in.

‘Member when BYU HC Kalani Sitake kept saying his team would play anyone, anytime, anywhere so his team could show they deserve to be in the Playoff? ‘Member when they picked little ole undefeated Coastal Carolina out of the Sun Belt? I ‘member.

Yeah, well… the Mullet Gang put that nonsense to rest.

Sheesh. Not bad for a Group of 5’er right?

Now, I know what you’re thinking… you read the title of this post and thought, “That’s cute, Smalls.” Well, before you pass judgement, let me make my case.

In a year where the world was completely turned on its head, and the sports world was left to try to catch up, why WOULDN’T we want this team to be the last team in the playoff? What other year could we say “F**k it” and let the Chandeliers/Chanticleers/Fighting Cocks of Coastal Carolina into the Playoff and actually get away with it? It’s been a weird year in college football, so why not let it get weirder?

Don’t come at me with “Cincy is ACTUALLY the better team” or “Clemson and Ohio State are the only teams that would compete with Bama and Notre Dame” or “Florida and A&M would actually stand a chance”. Just stop. I don’t care about logic or statistics or facts right now. You know what I do care about?

I care about seeing this ELECTRIC, ELITE, TABLE-SMASHING, MULLET-HAVING GROUP OF SONS-OF-BITCHES having a shot at the title, because this is the year to do it:

In a time of turmoil, this team is what America needs right now. Don’t hold out on us, Committee.

Also, Deke. I want my hat, and I want it now. You have 24 hours.

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