Start’ Em Sit’ Em Quarterbacks – Week 14


Start of the Week

Justin Herbert vs Atlanta Falcons

Herbert played his worst game in his NFL career last weekend against the New England Patriots. He had no touchdowns and two interceptions on the day. It is a notion to have, but this week he gets the miserable Atlanta Falcons defense who are the worst team against quarterbacks. Start him with confidence.

Tom Brady vs Minnesota Vikings

Tom Brady comes off his bye week, and gets a good matchup against the Minnesota Vikings. Their defense has fallen victim to opposing quarterbacks in the past, and they even let Jacksonville creep on them enough to get to overtime. Brady should be a big boost for fantasy owners especially if you are in the playoffs this week.

Taysom Hill/Drew Brees vs Philadelphia Eagles

Whether it would be Taysom Hill or Drew Brees, one of the two need to be started when they take on the ridiculously bad defense of the Philadelphia Eagles. A lot of time of making this decision goes when the offense of Philly makes a mistake which finds the quarterbacks in great field position. Whichever one plays is a great choice in my book!

Ben Roethlisberger vs Buffalo Bills

So Big Ben is coming off a decent game despite the loss against Washington. He would honestly have had a much better day had his receivers caught all their dropped passes which seems to be a reoccurring theme in Pittsburgh. Look for Ben to bounce back against the Buffalo Bills. Their defense is ranked 26th against opposing quarterbacks which means good news for Roethlisberger owners.

Ryan Tannehill vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Tannehill had to brainstorm some new ideas on the offense when the Browns took out the running game of Derrick Henry. Tannehill was able to get a really good fantasy score, and you should expect the same when the Titans take on the Jaguars. Their defense hasn’t been spectacular, and they just gave up over 20 points to Kirk Cousins.


Philip Rivers vs Las Vegas Raiders

Daniel Jones vs Arizona Cardinals

Mike Glennon vs Tennessee Titans


Sit of the Week –

Jalen Hurts vs New Orleans Saints

Hurts has been the most targeted option in the waiver wire this week. Please for the love of god, don’t start him against the Saints. If you are in a deep league and have no choice then we got bigger things to talk about. Do not start him with a depleted wide receiver core, and against the Saints defense who are ranked 4th against quarterbacks. You have been warned!

Baker Mayfield vs Baltimore Ravens

Mayfield did a spectacular job against the Tennessee Titans. The kid threw four touchdown passes against a weak ass secondary. He runs into a bigger issue though when he takes on the Baltimore Ravens. Their defense isn’t as elite as it was, but I have a feeling this isn’t going to be great for Baker this weekend!

Kirk Cousins vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Kirky boy found himself to be the hero once again giving the Vikings an overtime victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars because the defense is bum bum bad. He will have a harder time this weekend when he and the Vikings take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tua Tagovailoa vs Kansas City Chiefs

Probably the first time I believe that I have put Tua in the sit column since his first start against the Rams. It is worth noting though that he and the Dolphins will take on their toughest opponent yet with the Kansas City Chiefs. This is more of a proving moment, but if you are in the playoffs, and have a better option then please take that option!

Derek Carr vs Indianapolis Colts

Carr and the Raiders had me worried for a second that they were going to lose that game against the New York Jets. Carr was able to capitalize on a defense that basically was begging to lose, and tossed a deep shot to Henry Riggs III. I don’t see this being the same situation as Carr faces the Indianapolis Colts. They are ranked 3rd against quarterbacks. Find another answer.


Teddy Bridgewater vs Denver Broncos

Sam Darnold vs Seattle Seahawks

Drew Lock vs Carolina Panthers

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