The Pittsburgh Steelers Are 11-0 And That’s All That Matters

The blatant disrespect for the UNDEFEATED Pittsburgh Steelers is ridiculous when it comes to assessing their season.

Did they play their best game against the Ravens? Hell no. Did they win the game? Hell yes. Winning is all that matters in the end. Ari Gold from Entourage said it best (if you don’t know who this is then shame on you). The only thing that matters is scoreboards. 11 times in a row, the Steelers have come out on top. That doesn’t matter to me and shouldn’t matter to anyone else. 

The Steelers haven’t played a complete game this season. I can definitely admit that. There were great halves of football and the first half of the Titans game is a perfect example. Bottom line is they won. Then they went into Baltimore, a team most people thought was a legit Super Bowl contender, and swept the season series. They beat them again after it seemed that the NFL bent over backwards for the Ravens in order to get this game played. People seem to forget this team had an early bye thanks to Covid so we’ve also been dealing with that adversity. So can you really blame them for playing down to lesser opponents? I’m not. 

People like Colin Cowherd had them pegged at 7-9 to start the season. He also predicted the Ravens to go undefeated so he’s a clown anyways. Yesterday he said this:

I personally don’t care what he has to say about this team because again…7-9.  He said Steelers fans need to grow up. That our 11-0 season feels hollow. HOW CAN 11-0 FEEL HOLLOW? As a Steeler fan, 11-0 feels pretty damn good so keep on hating, and I’ll keep watching my team win. He made one good point in losing Bud Dupree for the season hurts the front seven. Alex Highsmith will have to step up no doubt. But they still have Heyward, Tuitt, Alualu, and the DPOY favorite in TJ Watt on that front seven. Tomlin has a plan so I’ll trust him over Cowherd. Oh and miss me about the schedule. We didn’t make the schedule so let’s stop blaming them for beating who was put in front of them. 

I see everyone also saying that the Steelers can’t beat the Chiefs. People say the Chiefs are the team to beat. They’re the defending champs so of course they are the team to beat. Oh and they have Patrick Mahomes who is probably the MVP. The reason for this Chiefs obsession that they can beat the Steelers is because of Mahomes. He’s undoubtedly the X-Factor. But let’s not act like they haven’t struggled themselves vs teams. 

The Steelers have won all of their games and yet they’re still somehow disrespected. Their run game hasn’t been good this year and to me, that’s the weakest part of their game. Game flow forced them to abandon the run vs teams like the Cowboys. The Ravens are just good against the run. Big Ben is playing efficient but more importantly has been able to bail them out and win them games in the 2nd half. 

If Mason or Duck were starting, we’d be a team maybe fighting for a playoff spot with a struggling offense, and dominant defense. Just like last year. I’ve seen every excuse out there from the schedule being easy to “they’ll never beat the Chiefs.” Give them their props where it’s due because in the end, the only thing that matters is 11-0. That’s the best record in football. Who cares how they win? Just win baby, just like Al Davis said and they have done that all damn year. 

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