Start’ Em Sit’ Em Quarterbacks – Week 13


Start of the Week –

Taysom Hill vs Atlanta Falcons

Now Hill’s time in the spotlight has to run out at some point, and I know he didn’t do the best against Denver. However, he faces a Falcons team that he destroyed last time scoring almost 25 fantasy points. The Falcons are 31st against opposing quarterbacks so throw him in the fray yet again.

Ryan Tannehill vs Cleveland Browns

Tannehill and the Titans are back in fantasy graces after a win over the Colts. Tannehill is facing a Browns defense that is 21st against quarterbacks. However, as long as they maintain a decent run game, and throw when needed, Tannehill will get you your points.

Tua Tagovailoa/Ryan Fitzpatrick vs Cincinnati Bengals

As of right now it is a game time decision, but whichever one of these two starts is going to want to be in your lineup when they take on the Cincinnati Bengals this weekend. The matchup doesn’t seem to grand, but whoever plays has a big ceiling against a Bengals team that is struggling.

Kirk Cousins vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Cousins did big work in that comeback win over the Carolina Panthers. Now he gets Thielen back in the lineup against a terrible Jacksonville Jaguars with only one win on the season. Their defense is ranked 30th against quarterbacks so if you need a streamer, Cousins is your man.

Derek Carr vs New York Jets

Carr was absolutely dreadful against the Falcons last weekend fumbling the ball three times and getting picked off. There’s no way he can mess this next one up though right? It’s the Jets. They don’t have any wins. Their defense is trash so he should be a decent stream this weekend.


Baker Mayfield vs Tennessee Titans

Mitch Trubisky vs Detroit Lions

Colt McCoy vs Seattle Seahawks


Sit of the Week –

Kyler Murray vs Los Angeles Rams

Maybe I am overreacting here, but the shoulder doesn’t seem to be 100% for Murray after getting hurt in that game against Seattle. He absolutely bit the dust against New England and now I have to worry about him going up against Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. I have to start him, but if you got one better maybe it’s time.

Ben Roethlisberger vs Washington Football Team

Chalk this one up as a cautious one. Ben would have done a lot better in that game against the Ravens had the receivers not dropped passes. Now he and his offensive line have a big challenge against a Washington front seven that has made a lot of quarterbacks miserable this season. They’ve only given up an average of almost 17 points per game to quarterbacks so maybe find someone else to start.

Matt Ryan vs New Orleans Saints

Ryan did better last weekend against the Raiders, but it wasn’t perfect. The need for Julio Jones to start is a must, but without him in the field targets will be dispersed to others. However, he had one of his worst games ever when he faced the Saints the first time, and I am betting it doesn’t go well again especially against a defense that is ranked 4th against quarterbacks.

Carson Wentz vs Green Bay Packers

Wentz is a struggle bud and a half. He makes me uneasy every time he makes a decision. Honestly, the Eagles in a whole are a mess, and Wentz is not the guy you want charging into battle for you. He faces a Packers defense that is 8th against quarterbacks. Sit him until he figures his shit out.

Cam Newton vs Los Angeles Chargers

Newton has four passing touchdowns all season. So he can’t throw the ball. He also has nine interceptions on the year as most of his touchdowns are on the ground. Something tells me he will be forced into a position to pass, and he won’t be able to do it. He also has abdominal injury which could hinder his performance as well.


Jared Goff vs Arizona Cardinals

Drew Lock vs Kansas City Chiefs

Matt Stafford vs Chicago Bears

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