Start’ Em Sit’ Em Wide Receivers – Week 5


Start of the Week –

D.K. Metcalf vs Minnesota Vikings

While Metcalf didn’t score a touchdown last weekend, he still ended up with over 100 receiving yards. He and Tyler Lockett have become quite the dual threat of receivers this season. I see big things happening for him against the Vikings this weekend as their once great defense has allowed the fourth most points to receivers out wide and Metcalf runs about an average of 30 routes out wide. Lock him in.

CeeDee Lamb vs New York Giants

Lamb broke big last weekend with two touchdowns against the Cleveland Browns. He has officially become Prescott’s number two weapon behind Cooper, and he should see plenty of looks this weekend against the New York Giants. Their defense hasn’t been great against receivers and it should stay that way if Lamb can do it again.

Diontae Johnson vs Philadelphia Eagles

Johnson took a bump to the head, and has been humbled by a concussion and somewhat of a toe injury. I believe he will be fully equipped to go this Sunday against the Eagles. Their defense has allowed the fifth most points to receivers this season, and they have also averaged nine catches to the position. Johnson has seen a lot of looks from Big Ben so put him and watch him work.

Robby Anderson vs Atlanta Falcons

Anderson has come out to be something big in Carolina. He has proven that he can put up WR1 numbers even surpassing D.J. Moore. I like Anderson a lot this weekend against one of the worst defenses ever from the Atlanta Falcons. If you got offensive players against the Falcons defense, start them it is that simple people.

Justin Jefferson vs Seattle Seahawks

I wrote Jefferson’s performance off as a fluke two weeks ago against the Titans, but he went out and did great against Houston the following week. I am now a huge fan of Jefferson especially this week against the worst defense against wide receivers; the Seattle Seahawks. He’s a great WR2 this week.


Will Fuller vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Darius Slayton vs Dallas Cowboys

Brandon Aiyuk vs Miami Dolphins


Sit of the Week –

Julio Jones vs Carolina Panthers

Has the magic of Julio Jones come to an end? He put up great points in week one, but has been hampered by a nagging hamstring injury making him constantly questionable. Look, I know if he is good to go, you gotta play him, but this is a huge warning. The Panthers are the seventh best team against receivers, and Julio is losing work to Calvin Ridley, Russell Gage, and even tight end Hayden Hurst. It might be time to put him on the bench.

A.J. Green vs Baltimore Ravens

Green is doing his best, but honestly the amount of targets he is getting should be transferred into some serious fantasy points, and that is just not happening. He has scored double digit points once, and that was in week one. Now he faces the Ravens. He’ll go up against Marlon Humphries, and that is an automatic sit for me since Humphries is one of the best corners in the game today.

Marquise Brown vs Cincinnati Bengals

Brown was supposed to be a shining star this year, and while a little over ten points per game sounds nice, they should be way higher. It is hard to tell if Jackson just can’t find him on the field, or if they are going to make him target number two again behind Mark Andrews. While a game against the Bengals sounds like success, I’ve been let down too many times by Brown.

T.Y. Hilton vs Cleveland Browns

Hilton is starting to annoy me, and if you have been picking him every year like some people hoping this would be the veteran’s year, you are poorly mistaken. Hilton just can’t seem to get it together anymore. Whether it is age or injury, I really thought having Rivers would help him, but sadly it has not. Catch him sitting on the bench instead of catching all the balls he should be catching this season.

Jerry Jeudy vs New England Patriots

Jeudy might be lifted a bit above this spot due to Stephon Gilmore getting COVID, but then does this game really happen. I am rolling with the fact it will happen, and Jeudy while great last week had four targets all game while catching two of them (one for a touchdown). I just don’t see that happening against the Patriots when he only had four targets against the New York Jets.


Emmanuel Sanders vs Los Angeles Chargers

Jarvis Landry vs Indianapolis Colts

Hunter Renfrow vs Kansas City Chiefs

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