Slaying Tom; A “Super Genius” Approaches

It feels so good waking up the morning after with a 4-0 record in our league. Royalty goes to the ones who deserve it and that is exactly what happened with my team when we took down poor peasant Tom and his COVID stricken team. I feel sorry for you sir. I hope when your team is healthy we can have a rematch to see how much better of a score it would be.

Enough old chatter because now…

It’s the Super Genius; Mark Madden…

You know if I was playing against the actual Mark Madden, then this might be a decent challenge, but it is not, and I am actually facing good ole Justin Boyd (aka TFTB’s “Super Genius”)

Boyd is another one of our benchers that had problems with the way I drafted my team based off of my rankings. I swear some people just don’t understand ADP, but the point here is that my team is 4-0 and Boyd’s is 1-3. I firmly believe in my players to get the job done this weekend and keep climbing to secure the throne for which I rightfully deserve.

If Boyd thinks he can stop my team, then may the peasant try like the rest and fall as I get stronger. I do wish Boyd the best in our match, but opponents can only get so far when they are all playing checkers while I’m playing chess.

Your move Boyd.

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