Dan Orlovsky is an Idiot

I come back from a nice six day vacation away from all things slightly considered work and I have to sit here on a wonderful Wednesday and watch Dan “out the back of the end zone” Orlovsky say that it isn’t “fair” that the Tennessee Titans don’t get as much prep time as the Pittsburgh Steelers….

Uhh…brother…what? The Titans had multiple players and staff members test positive for COVID-19 this past week, causing both the Titans and Vikings to shut down their facilities for days.

Dan now sits on ESPN saying “Our job is to plan to win, not plan to play.” “It isn’t fair to the Titans” “The Steelers should have to not practice as well”

Brother. I can’t BELIEVE this is the attitude from a former player. The Steelers should be punished simply because their opponent had positive tests? What the absolute f*** is that thought process?

This isn’t the Titan’s “fault”. This is the season we all accepted in order to have football grace our homes each and every week. We all (except Dre for some reason) knew that there would be some form of an outbreak. And gtfo with all the “WeLl thE CarDinAls MovEd ThEiR GamEs” because baseball has that luxury.

In all seriousness, if this becomes a Steeler’s bye week thats less “fair” than pretending that the Titans are getting the short end of some sort of metaphorical stick of justice here Dan. What a complete and utter jackass.

As if we needed to hate Dan more on this site.

Maybe Dan’s right. Maybe every game should be reevaluated for what’s fair. You know what, I apologize Dan. Let’s take a look at one of the LEAST fair moments in NFL history!

Man. Fair in pro sports. Not the pass intereference call that blew the Saints SuperBowl chances. Not Megatron’s catch. Not Jesse James beating the Patriots. Not Josh Rosen being tossed around the league like a bad case of COVID. Not Spygate. Not Bountygate. Not Tyrod potentially losing his starting gig cause the team doctor tried to kill him. Not any of these legit conversations about fairness. Nope. Fairness comes from one team not getting “enough” prep time because they contracted COVID. What a hill to die on.

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