Conquering Greg; A Nameless Team on the Horizon

Just like I said would happen my team with some weapons down once again conquers another peasant. Greg Mac thought he could take the throne, but instead the fool ends up with the rest of the lot. It brings me great joy that his own Buffalo Bills players along with Alvin Kamara sealed his fate. It is amazing how people talk about dethroning the king, and then end up making themselves look like jokes. The latest score is listed below;

The Rank King is now 3-0 and will look to face the Team With No Name captained by Tom of the Cornhole Team. I remember Tom had some words to say about my drafting method as well, but he seemed to appreciate my work in the past so Tom it is nothing personal, and I am looking forward to our encounter, but I also look forward to adding your name to the list of fools who have crossed me already.

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