Dan Orlovsky Claims 2008 (0-16) Lions Would Defeat 2020 Jets

Dan Orlovsky and I have some history together. You might remember this if you read a blog I wrote a few months back about our twitter beef over him having no right to criticize quarterbacks who are better than him. That has since settled down, but he has given us reason to pay attention to him yet again.

My *finger quotes* best friend, Dan Orlovsky is back with another WILD take. This past week, Dan the man tweeted that his historically stinky Lions from 2008 would beat the current Jets team 16 out of 16 times…

Lets not forget was it Sam Darnold or my dear friend Dan who ran out of the back of their own end zone??? Let me show you why Dan doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. Let’s look at these rosters shall we?

Here is Dan’s 2008 Lions team….

And below is the 2020 Jets roster,

The Jets have 7 career pro bowlers to the Lions 3. The only real advantage that the Lions have over the Jets if those two teams played would be the fact that no Jets DB could cover Calvin Johnson, other than that, if the Jets have LeVeon Bell healthy too I just don’t see how that Detroit team beats the Jets of this year. Sure the Jets are off to an 0-3 start, but there’s a LOT of season left. Here’s their schedule;

They WILL get a win if not a few this year. I predict they’re going 3-13 this year with wins against the Chargers, Dolphins once and the Browns. Now, that is something that Orlovsky’s Lions couldn’t do in ‘08. Here’s their schedule from that season;

Although Dan may be my frienemy, I can’t blame that season all on him since he only started 7 of those games that year as part of the 12 total games he started in his entire career. UCONN’s finest, ladies and gentleman.

Look, Daniel. Buddy ol pal. Please stop saying things like this. If you were a Peyton Manning caliber quarterback with a tough season, this statement would be fine. But you are not.

You are a career (2-10) as a starter in the NFL. You have the world’s worst football blooper behind MAYBE Mark Sanchez’s “butt fumble”. I don’t know how you got to be someone who gets paid to give their opinion on football on national television. I’m astounded and honestly proud of you. Good luck in the future. And maybe we will actually like you if you just stop saying such preposterous things.

See you soon, Dan.

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