Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 4


New York Jets (0-3)

Previous Rank – 32

The Jets take another loss this week, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. The offensive side of the ball got brutalized as Darnold threw three interceptions (two of them being pick sixes), and they just couldn’t move the ball. The defense also stank it up. Look honestly, Adam Gase should be fired for wasting potential in some stars. Gotta feel bad for Darnold here. They take on the Broncos this Thursday night.


New York Giants (0-3)

Previous Rank – 30

The other side of New York drops one spot after their team couldn’t beat the multitude of backups that the 49ers had to offer. It was a shame as this offense clearly needed Saquon Barkley, and without him hopefully Freeman can provide that better as he learns the playbook. They’ll have a real tough task this week when they take on the Los Angeles Rams.


Denver Broncos (0-3)

Previous Rank – 25

Man, it’s not the Broncos fault they are this bad because injuries occur, and it takes its toll after a while. The Broncos took a heavy loss here as with the loss of some individuals on offense and defense have made opposing teams know that and take advantage. They’ll look for this first win against the Jets this season.


Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2)

Previous Rank – 26

The Jaguars looked really bad after their loss to the Dolphins last Thursday, and honestly it was a combination of two things. One, Gardner was awful. Two, D.J. Chark must be on the field. Those two didn’t happen, and they looked terrible because of them. They’ll look to redeem themselves against Cincinnati this week.


Atlanta Falcons (0-3)

Previous Rank -19

Fire Dan Quinn man…This is so ridiculous. Another blown loss, and it was to the Bears. The Bears scored 20 points in the 4th quarter. The Bears… This defense can’t stop anything, and they finally got a little running on the ground, but the offense was not great this game, and they fall hard because they just can’t finish.


Cincinnati Bengals (0-2-1)

Previous Rank – 28

Can the Bengals get any more unlucky man. I was actually rooting for them in this game against Philly and to be fair, they didn’t lose this game, but they also didn’t win it. The Bengals’ offensive line is a main part of their issues, but Burrow has been playing lights out. I expect them to keep it up when they go against the Jaguars this week.


Philadelphia Eagles (0-2-1)

Previous Rank – 22

I expected the Eagles to take a setback this year, but damn man this is embarrassing. Philly couldn’t get the win against the Bengals, and they don’t get a win, they tie with Cincinnati. There are talks of maybe some quarterback changes, but I wouldn’t go that far just yet. They take on the weakened 49ers team this week.


Minnesota Vikings (0-3)

Previous Rank – 18

The Vikings take a hard loss here against the Titans, so while dropping them 10 might be a bit harsh, the defense could not stop anything aside from getting a Ryan Tannehill interception. They let the Titans walk up and down field, and because of that with Mike Zimmer’s reputation with the defense shocks me. I will say that I love Justin Jefferson though.


Los Angeles Chargers (1-2)

Previous Rank – 23

The Chargers are kind of a mess right now. First off, I am not sure how you puncture a lung of a quarterback, but instead of Tyrod, Herbert got the start again, and had some issues against this Panthers defense. Keenan Allen and Austin Ekeler did good things, but not that great. They’ll take on the Buccaneers this week!


Carolina Panthers (1-2)

Previous Rank – 31

Carolina moves up quite a bit after their victory over the Chargers last weekend. It is Coach Rhule’s first win as a head coach, and it is Bridgewater’s first win as the quarterback of the Panthers, and they did it without McCaffrey. The defense is what stepped up though as they forced three turnovers. They’ll face the Cardinals this week.


Washington Football Team (1-2)

Previous Rank – 21

The Washington Football Team came up short against the Cleveland Browns. Their defense suffered when Chase Young was ruled out of the game which opened up the run lane for Chubb to carry throughout the game. Haskins also had issues throwing three interceptions which didn’t help the team at all. They’ll look to find better things when they take on the Ravens this week.


Miami Dolphins (1-2)

Previous Rank – 27

Some may call this a bit much, but man Miami went into Jacksonville and absolutely killed the Jaguars. The 37-year old Ryan Fitzpatrick was electric throwing for two touchdowns and running one in. The crazy thing is that he only threw two incompletions all night. They play the Seahawks this week so while they’ll be up for now, things don’t look great down the road.


Detroit Lions (1-2)

Previous Rank – 29

Maybe I have been a bit hard on the Lions. They looked like a whole new team out there with their unexpected win over the Arizona Cardinals. They intercepted Murray three times, and Stafford and Golladay looked like their old selves. Speaking of old, Adrian Peterson still proved he had a lot of juice. They’ll look for another upset when they take on the Saints this week.


Houston Texans (0-3)

Previous Rank 17

I get it. Why have them up so high when the Texans are 0-3. The reason being is that their schedule started off so rough. Now they will start getting back to winning games. When you start off against the Chiefs, Ravens, and Steelers you start to give a little slack. Watson didn’t do bad either, but the Steelers defense charged him hard and made him make some mistakes. They’ll look to get their first win against the Vikings this week.


Cleveland Browns (2-1)

Previous Rank – 24

Cleveland scared me for a second when they kept going back and forth with the Washington Football Team, but when Chase Young exited the game, it was the chance Cleveland needed. Chubb and Hunt were once again unstoppable, and the defense stepped up with three interceptions against Haskins, The Browns will look for another win to keep them above .500 when they take on the Cowboys this week.


Las Vegas Raiders (2-1)

Previous Rank – 14

The Raiders stayed in this game for a while holding Cam Newton and providing distractions on the defense, but overall, the Patriots took their shot and ran with it with a win over the Raiders. I do believe this Raiders team is better than we’ve seen them in the past few years. They”ll take on the strong and upcoming Buffalo Bills team this week.


Indianapolis Colts (2-1)

Previous Rank – 16

The Colts come away with the win here, but it was kind of an easy one considering how bad the Jets are. Their defense manned this one while Philip Rivers and Jonathan Taylor were kind of the back up and performed when needing to. So for right now they don’t move, and will look to the hot Bears this week.


San Francisco 49ers (2-1)

Previous Rank – 15

The same thing goes for the 49ers here. This was more of an exhibition game where they could see how certain pieces work against a terrible New York Giants defense. They stay where they are as we can add another 49er to the injury list in Jordan Reed. They keep getting hurt, and I don’t have the confidence to put them higher than what they are when they have to start playing good teams.


Dallas Cowboys (1-2)

Previous Rank – 10

Dallas came up short against the Seahawks this week, but overall it was a decent game to watch between two great quarterbacks. We knew this was going to be a shootout, but the Seattle defense had a better handling on things with two interceptions. I do believe at this time that Dallas will win the division, but they need to play a little bit smarter down the road. They’ll get the chance when they take on the Browns this week.


New Orleans Saints (1-2)

Previous Rank – 5

Say what you want, but this Saints team is struggling especially their quarterback; Drew Brees. He only did as good last week against the Packers because of Alvin Kamara. They are still without Michael Thomas, and should get a win this week against Detroit, but honestly anything can happen at this point.


Chicago Bears (3-0)

Previous Rank – 20

Exit Mitch Trubisky and enter Nick Foles. The Bears are not only 3-0, but Nick Foles led the comeback charge against the Falcons with 20 points in the 4th quarter. Foles has been named the starting quarterback for week four, and you have to figure he will be a better option going forward. Foles and the Bears look to get a win over the Colts this week.


Los Angeles Rams (2-1)

Previous Rank – 11

The Rams have one taken from them with only seconds left in the fourth quarter against the Buffalo Bills. They did their best here though the air and on the ground so they only move down one. I am getting more impressed by this Rams team every week. They’ll look to get a win this week when they take on the New York Giants


New England Patriots (2-1)

Previous Rank – 13

The Patriots squeezed out a win against the Raiders even with Cam Newton not playing his best in this one. This game relied on the running backs of New England; Rex Burkhead and Sony Michel. Both excelled at what they did and the defense pressured Derek Carr when it needed to. This week they’ll look to attack the Kansas City Chiefs.


Arizona Cardinals (2-1)

Previous Rank – 9

The Cardinals had a weird loss to the Detroit Lions last week. Kyler Murray was a little off in this one throwing three interceptions. DeAndre Hopkins still was the right man in this game though as he gashed Detroit’s secondary. Arizona will get a shot to win this week when they go and take on the Carolina Panthers.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1)

Previous Rank – 12

Brady and the Bucs got back on track with a win this week against Denver. While Denver isn’t in the best shape, Brady was struggling to find his identity with the Bucs. He found it this week with three touchdowns. Brady and the Bucs will face the Los Angeles Chargers this week.


Tennessee Titans (3-0)

Previous Rank – 6

The Titans move down a spot despite them winning the game against the Vikings. A big reason here is because their defense played like hot garbage letting Cook run down their throats and letting certain players score big in this game. Gostkowski needs a medal at this point for saving the Titans’ skin. They have been in near points of every team they have played. They play Pittsburgh this week.


Pittsburgh Steelers (3-0)

Previous Rank – 7

Pittsburgh looked to be a struggle bus in the beginning against the Texans, but both sides of the ball clamped down and took the win against Houston last weekend reaching 3-0 for the first time since 2010. Good things are happening here in Pittsburgh, and I expect them to continue when they go and take on Tennessee. Stoping Derrick Henry is going to be a must here.


Green Bay Packers (3-0)

Previous Rank – 8

Aaron Rodgers is causing headaches for defenses this season, and I honestly can’t believe it. He’s making everyone that was apart of drafting Jordan Love look like complete idiots. They look hot right now after a big win against the Saints. They will look to do it again when they face the Atlanta Falcons this week.


Buffalo Bills (3-0)

Previous Rank – 4

The Bills are playing great football man. Josh Allen is proving that he can learn, improve, and adapt to almost every situation thrown at him. He is over 1,000 passing yards this season in just three games. Buffalo looks to take this division by the throat from years of ownership by New England, and so far they are balling out to make that happen. They’ll face the Las Vegas Raiders.


Baltimore Ravens (2-1)

Previous Rank – 2

Baltimore takes a step down with their loss to the Chiefs last night. Baltimore looked all out of whack with simple mistakes and penalties that were made. The most of it comes from Lamar Jackson struggling against the is Chiefs defense, and Mahomes absolutely devouring this Baltimore Ravens defense. They will get a better shot at victory when they take on the Washington Football Team this week.


Seattle Seahawks (3-0)

Previous Rank – 3

Wilson and the Seahawks move up a spot after they beat Dallas last weekend. Russell Wilson is literally trying to carve his name into MVP this year. It is hard to argue why because he has 14 touchdowns in three weeks. That is a terrifying stat. Their defense is still very suspect, but they have proven they can beat you in shoot outs. They will look to take on the Miami Dolphins this week.


Kansas City Chiefs (3-0)

Previous Rank – 1

Kansas City straight up bullied Baltimore last night man. The offense attack this defense with precision like a surgeon cutting skin. Mahomes carved this defense up with five total touchdowns. The defense was also able to hold Lamar Jackson to under 100 passing yards. The Chiefs are scary, and they will continue to be scary going into October for Spooky Season when they face the New England Patriots.

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