A Team Has No Hope

This article was written by Tom Dube.

Two weeks in a row my team has out performed it’s projected score. Unfortunately so did both of my opponents with them breaking the 145 point mark. This meant each week their scores put them in no worse than the top 4 of scoring in the league respectively.

Now I take my 0-2 mess against the Super Genius himself. Most players might get cocky with a 20 point cushion but I have complete faith my team can blow this. If we go 0-3 it will be time to go back to the drawing board but not yet time for crazy changes. 

However it is now the time to break into all of the superstitions. My entire roster was emptied and then put back into place. The “lucky jersey” is soundly in its drawer and will not be touched. Finally no pregame will be watched. Fingers crossed that we don’t have to change the team name to a team has no wins.

But hey, if we can squeak it out we will be half way to .500 (can you tell I’m a Pirates fan yet?).

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