Game of Jones: The Battle of Moneyball

After an embarrassing loss to Team Frye in Week 2, Game of Jones looks for their first win of the season against Team Anastasia Football Club. I for one am not happy with my teams performances in the first two weeks, but I have faith they will step up their game.

Last week I made the mistake of sitting Tyler Boyd who had 20.2 points, which would have made the scoreboard look a little prettier. This week Tyler Boyd will get the start in the lineup, and I’m going to hope Deshaun Watson has a huge game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Well let me rephrase that, a big enough game in which he still gets the loss (Go Steelers)!

Game of Jones is determined to get their first win and take down the tag team of Josh Elsass and Chip Whiten. Elsass has had a tough couple of weeks knowing that El Presidente was in his territory critiquing his favorite pizza places, while stealing Josh’s followers along the way.

You hate to see it, but buddy I’m afraid I’ve got some more bad news for you.

Your week from hell is going to continue when Game of Jones runs wild on you. Legit runs wild, with the addition of Mike Davis in the back field. I just feel bad for Chip, since he has to call a stooge like you his teammate.

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