Start’ Em Sit’ Em Running Backs – Week 3


Start of the Week –

Kenyan Drake vs Detroit Lions

If there is one thing that hasn’t changed going into this season is that the Lions suck at defending against the run. That was proven when Aaron Jones completely destroyed them. That puts both quarterback Kyler Murray and running back Kenyan Drake in a big position this Sunday. Look for Drake to excel in the pass game as well.

James Conner vs Houston Texans

Conner was a bit of a question mark heading into week two, but he proved to be the right man on the call when Benny Snell fumbled the ball. The Houston Texans gave up a lot of yardage to rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Mark Ingram and Lamar Jackson. Look for Conner to be efficient in both the rushing and passing game in this one.

Melvin Gordon vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Gordon’s fantasy value was saved by a passing touchdown thrown by Jeff Driskel late in the game against the Steelers. Gordon however, has a great opportunity against the Bucs who Mike Davis had a bunch of receptions on last week. The difference between Gordon and Davis is that Gordon can run and catch the ball.

David Montgomery vs Atlanta Falcons

Montgomery did well last weekend with a touchdown against the Giants and now he gets the perfect platform to succeed against the Atlanta Falcons. Both Chris Carson and Ezekiel Elliot found success on the ground. Don’t think Montgomery will have it any other way. Montgomery will produce well against this defense.

Jerick McKinnon vs New York Giants

The 49ers have been completely destroyed by injury, and the only healthy running back out of the trio is Jerick McKinnon. He doesn’t have the greatest confidence with his injury history, but he is a perfect fit to go against the Giants who are not great against the run.


Mike Davis vs Los Angeles Chargers

James Robinson vs Miami Dolphins

Joshua Kelley vs Carolina Panthers


Sit of the Week –

Todd Gurley vs Chicago Bears

Gurley rushed for 60 yards last weekend against the Cowboys, but otherwise he was completely not in the game plan. In fact, Gurley’s status is starting to become touchdown dependent in this high pass offense. Against this Chicago defense, Gurley’s points are going to dwindle.

David Johnson vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Johnson did not fair very well against the Baltimore defense like I had expected, and his matchup against the Steelers doesn’t bring a lot of positive energy to my heart. I will believe he will be a force in the passing game, but for the running game, it might just be best to say that he won’t do well.

Mark Ingram vs Kansas City Chiefs

Ingram managed to get some decent points out of last week’s encounter with the Texans, but this week he goes up against the Chiefs. It is only a matter of time before Dobbins fills his role permanently, and Ingram is used more of a mentor. I trust Dobbins more each week rather than Ingram. Sorry.

Ronald Jones vs Denver Broncos

Jones scored a touchdown last week, but don’t think for a second he was the best back in the Tampa Bay backfield. Fournette stole the show and ran rampant on the Carolina defense. I don’t think Jones is done leading the backfield just yet, but his method of handling it might be slipping away.

Dion Lewis vs San Francisco 49ers

Though Lewis seems like a great pickup for this week against a weakened 49ers defense I would simply avoid it. Rumor has it a good free agent was signed by New York to try to fill Barkley’s spot. While weakened, I just would not trust Dion Lewis in this state.


Sony Michel vs Las Vegas Raiders

Frank Gore vs Indianapolis Colts

Zack Moss vs Los Angeles Rams

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