Start’ Em Sit’ Em Quarterbacks – Week 3


Start of the Week –

Cam Newton vs Las Vegas Raiders

Cam Newton has been a nightmare for opposing defenses these last two weeks. It would be silly not to think of him as a great start despite the Raiders holding Drew Brees below his normal production. The Raiders defense isn’t that great against rushes either, and Newton has four rushing touchdowns and 122 yards on the ground in his last two games. He should be starting in your lineup this week.

Ben Roethlisberger vs Houston Texans

Big Ben has been on a roll to his comeback story in great fashion with wins over the Giants and the Broncos. He gets a good matchup against the Texans whose defense has not been the greatest against opposing quarterbacks. Look for him to do great work this week.

Carson Wentz vs Cincinnati Bengals

Wentz has been fairly disappointing in recent weeks, but keep in mind he has played two decent defenses in the Washington Football Team and the Los Angeles Rams. This week he gets the Cincinnati Bengals who gave up major yardage to Baker Mayfield and the running game. Wentz has been proven to be mobile before injury concerns. I hope he gets it right for this game.

Ryan Tannehill vs Minnesota Vikings

Tannehill has done great work to start beating the Broncos and the Jaguars these last two weeks. Now he faces a Minnesota Vikings defense that has apparently shriveled up and died since last season. He and Jonnu Smith should do great work and complimenting Derrick Henry should work as well.

Gardner Minshew vs Miami Dolphins

Minshew mania is back baby. Quietly, Gardner Minshew has been getting back into his performance level perfection. He should have a good match set up this Thursday against the Miami Dolphins who have let Cam Newton and Josh Allen run wild over them.


Matt Stafford vs Arizona Cardinals

Mitch Trubisky vs Atlanta Falcons

Joe Burrow vs Philadelphia Eagles


Sit of the Week –

Tom Brady vs Denver Broncos

This is weird right? Putting Brady as a sit of the week when he has essentially been the GOAT for years. While the Denver Broncos are not 100%, you cannot argue that Brady is slowly losing his ability to be an absolute start. If you have to start him, I get it, but remain extremely cautious that it could turn out bad.

Baker Mayfield vs Washington Football Team

Mayfield had some redeeming qualities in last week’s victory over the Bengals, but overall it still wasn’t impressive. He still threw an unnecessary interception, and had some throwing issues as well. I do not trust his offensive line against this Washington front and it will cost Mayfield in the end.

Jared Goff vs Buffalo Bills

While Goff proved to be on the right side of this column aside from my judgement, I firmly believe he is not the right person to play this week against the Buffalo Bills. While the defense didn’t perform quite up to the task against the Dolphins last week, they still have a solid defense that should make life bad for Goff.

Daniel Jones vs San Francisco 49ers

Danny Dimes did not have luck against the Bears doing almost nothing in the passing department and throwing an interception. Even with all the injuries to the 49ers, I sincerely doubt that Jones will have any idea how to solve this problem without Saquon Barkley.

Derek Carr vs New England Patriots

Derek Carr surprised everyone on Monday night when he tossed three touchdown passes and won the game against the New Orleans Saints. Though, the Saints main demise was that they couldn’t cover Darren Waller and the penalties added up over time. I do not seem him getting the upper hand on the Patriots defense though. That’s a hard pass for me.


Kirk Cousins vs Tennessee Titans

Teddy Bridgewater vs Los Angeles Chargers

Sam Darnold vs Indianapolis Colts

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