A Champ Was Crowned

Last week Mutiny Hockey Club hosted their Summer’20 Mutiny Tournament, but I was so disappointed in my teams results I had to do some self-reflecting before writing the tournament recap.

The Eskimo Callboyz went 1-2 in the round robin and lost a heart breaker in double OT of the semi-finals to Team Best Friends who also finished 1-2 in the round robin.

Despite going undefeated in the round robin, Team Play Gloria was unsuccessful in winning the championship. In fact, their one and only loss came from the hands of Team AM Lumber in the championship game.

Although they finished 1-2 in the round robin, Team AM Lumber stepped it up in the semifinals and final game. Captain Tyler Boyd heard stories about the former Freshman Phenom, Scotty Dangleoff but like the rest of us was unsure how Scotty would perform due to being away from the game for so long. As we all learned, the kid still has it. Scotty Dangles sniped goalies left and right, making it look easy.

As a result Team AM Lumber was victorious. Goalie Emily Moore, filled in for Brandon Starner in between the pipes, and never looked back. She stood on her head the entire tournament and ended up wining the award for “Best Goalie”.

Even though Mutiny Hockey Club sponsored the tournament, only one of their players was crowned a champion. Josh Foringer added another cup to his impressive Tournament resume, making him a two time champion!

Shoutout to Deke and DJ Erskine for keeping the party going with their great playlists and commentary throughout the day. Especially all of the Bear sound effects (amazing). Follow Thoughts From The Bench and Mutiny Inline Tournaments to see all of the videos, pictures, and highlights of the tournament. Thank you to everyone who put the tourney together, and hope we can do it again soon!

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