TFTB Madden League Presents Knock Hards: The Cleveland Browns Story (Week 16)

As we near the end of the season the Cleveland Browns needed a big win against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 16 to stay in the Wild Card Race. However, the Browns were unsuccessful losing to the Ravens 59-33.

A huge snowstorm hit the Great Lakes region, and both teams looked to establish a strong running game during this battle. The Ravens were more successful in mastering their running game as running backs Adrian Peterson and JK Dobbins both ran for over 100 yards each.

The Ravens run game lead to big plays for quarterback Lamar Jackson. Jackson threw for four touchdowns, and made the Cleveland Browns defense look clueless out there. The Browns ended up giving up 547 total yards, missing tackles left and right.

On the Browns side of things, Baker didn’t have a terrible game. Mayfield threw for four touchdowns and 346 yards, however he also had two interceptions. The Browns offense had a solid game, their defense was very disappointing in this one.

The Browns now sit at 7-8, heading into the final week of the season against the Bengals. With this loss to the Ravens their playoff dreams have basically been crushed, however they look to end the season with a big win!

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