Release The Kraken!

Earlier this afternoon the National Hockey League announced the name of Seattle’s new professional hockey team, which will debut in the 2021-2022 season. The franchise announced they will be known as the Seattle Kraken, which most fans are happy about.

To those who may not be familiar with what the Kraken is, it is categorized as an enormous mythical sea monster who appears off the coast of Norway. The Kraken haunts and destroys sailors who cross its path. A mythical creature is not common amongst professional sport team names, however this one is pretty sweet in my opinion. Seattle tossed around names such as the Sockeyes, Emeralds, and Totems before making their final decision on the Kraken.

As for the logo and jersey design, Seattle’s creativity team hit it out of the park with their designs. The main logo is simple yet sweet, as it shows the letter “S” in honor of the Seattle Metropolitans, who were the first American club to hoist the Stanley Cup. As you look deeper into the “S”, you can see a single tentacle makes up the center of the logo, rising from the deep depths of the “sea”. In addition you can see a red eye at the top of the “S”, which hopes to instill a feeling of mystery and fear in the deep waters of the unknown.

Seattle’s secondary logo is probably my favorite thing about the announcement. At first glance it looks like a normal anchor, however when you really look at it you can see how the Space Needle, which is an iconic monument in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. I think this little attention to detail makes the design so much better. I feel it really symbolizes the city of Seattle, and gives their fans something to be proud of while wearing the logo.

The color scheme of the jerseys and logos include four shades of blue and red. The jerseys are pretty clean looking and are a hit amongst NHL fans, and even current NHL players like Vincent Trocheck.

I was pumped Seattle announced their team name today, and I’m looking forward to them entering the league in 2021-2022. If the Kraken’s inaugural season is anything like the Vegas Golden Knights, they are destined for success. The real question is who dare step foot in the Krak-House?

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