Mike Tyson is set to fight Roy Jones Jr

Mike Tyson is quite possibly the best boxer of all time. What he was able to do in the 80’s and 90’s was stunning and the best display of boxing the world had seen since Muhammad Ali. Though there are haters, no one can argue that Tyson was probably the most powerful and ferocious striker the sport had ever seen.

In the past two decades, Tyson has done some… other things. He’s appeared in movies, done interviews, bred and raised pigeons, and even had his own cartoon TV show on Cartoon Network. He went through a bit of a “thick” phase but is now back in seemingly top shape.

At the prime age of 54 years old, Tyson is planning a boxing comeback against another legend of the sport in Roy Jones Jr.

Jones Jr was also a dominant fighter in the 90’s and is someone a lot of classic boxing fans would love to see fight Tyson. He is no slouch trust me. At 51 years old, he also looks ready to take this challenge on head first.

From the outside looking in, this probably looks like a gimmicky money maker, but I truly think it’s a great idea. It’ll help put boxing somewhat back on the map for a sport that’s lost its luster in the last 20 years or so. It will also show the fortitude it takes to box and the strides that these men have made into their 50’s. The world will be polarized by boxing again at least for one night on September 12th of 2020.

But that’s not all folks, the night will be started off by a very surprising matchup… YouTube star Jake Paul is set to box former NBA Star Nate Robinson in the preliminary match. Yes you heard me right, this isn’t a joke.

I really don’t know why or how this came to be but I have to admit I’m pretty excited to see it, as you should be too. Jake and his brother Logan have previously boxed numerous people. Logan fought fellow YouTuber KSI and was supposed to fight Antonio Brown which I’m still upset never happened.

This will be Jake’s first televised fight. He’ll be going up against former 5’9 dunking phenom, Nate Robinson. Now Nate allegedly trains for boxing in his off season work outs, but I never thought I’d see him in an actual bout. Now he is 3 inches smaller than Jake Paul and quite more compact. Jake Paul also legitimately trains for boxing but I’m very anxious to see what these two entertainers come up with in the ring.

Bottom line, September 12th should prove to be a very interesting night. It’ll be a treat to anyone who tunes in. There are various fan bases that can get in on this action, and overall I think it’s a power move for the sport.

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