Top prospect Mac McClung Withdraws from NBA Draft, Transfers to Texas Tech

Not too long ago I wrote an article about the fact that Mac McClung had declared for the NBA draft… that obviously did not age well.

This week, the high flying Caucasian announced that he would withdraw from the NBA draft and instead continue his academic and athletic career at Texas Tech University, leaving Georgetown.

This was a brief post he put out announcing where he was transferring was to. There was a lot of speculation of him possibly joining Tennessee but clearly chose otherwise.

This transfer does make him ineligible for the upcoming season, however he can play if he gets approved for a waiver.

I think this is the best move for Mac to help him get more of a stardom role in college and work on his craft to become more NBA ready. This gives him more time to build draft value and have a shot at doing some damage in the college game which he clearly wasn’t given the chance to do at Georgetown. So be on the lookout for McClung in the draft in 2 years from now.

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