I’m A Nascar Guy

When the sports world stopped I was at a loss. Watching the Mav’s finish their game against the Nuggets more than two months ago was now and the last true sports moment I sat down to watch…until this weekend.

Now, it’s widely known I am a massive baseball guy (Colossal/Enormous) and that title I earned in about a week’s time. Now, I try my hand at Nascar fandom.

Last night on The Idiot Hour the boys and I picked our racers for Nascar fandom and by the glory of God (and Boyd saying I should pick him) it just felt natural that I select the driver of the 11 car Denny Hamlin.

Not only does this guy interview his daughter after races, he proudly has sponsors that make sense. FedEx – Always Delivers. Monster Energy Drink – Ready For Anything. Jordan Logo – GOAT.

The formula to fandom is a simple one. Put a live spot on television when there are basically no other live sports and Deke will watch. Deke = N(as)C(as) Squared. It’s simple Math.

Hamlin came in fifth at the Real Heroes 400 at Darlington Raceway this weekend, a race that was super chaotic. At one point Kyle Busch scrapped the wall, causing an adhesive banner to get stuck to his car and a portion of the banner made its way to Hamlin’s car. Adversity would NOT overcome our hero on his way to a fifth place finish though.

I let Hamlin know he was my guy last night during Idiot Hour and I’m surprised he hasn’t answered with how happy he is for my selection. I’ll be sure to keep the story going when more news comes. I’m your biggest fan Denny Hamlin and don’t you forget it.

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