I Own Fifa 20, But Xbox Owns Me

First let’s rewind to this past Sunday night when I was playing my Xbox One, and searching through the EA Access game vault to see what games they offered. I scroll through and noticed it had multiple FIFA games. However it was missing the most important one, FIFA 20. FIFA 20 is a popular game amongst fellow benchers, and the most recent challenge between our leader Deke and bencher Dennis made me want to play the game myself.

(Side note: Dennis lost, BAD..VERY BAD..)

Okay so I was upset to not see FIFA 20 in the vault, and was wondering why it wasn’t listed since NHL 20 was just added to the collection. Even though I was disappointed, I thought to myself, I might as well search FIFA 20 to see how much it is. Boy was that a mistake.

FIFA 20 was on sale in the Xbox Store for $18.99 plus tax. So this put me in a dilemma, do I buy the game now and have tons of fun playing it? Or wait to buy the game, and see if is added to the vault? But then I thought, what if I wait and it’s not added to the vault? The price would go back up to $59.99 and I would miss out on such a great deal. After looking at the pros and cons, I decided to pull the trigger and purchase the game for $18.99.

Fast forward to an email I got on Tuesday, two days after my purchase.

Are you kidding me, FIFA 20 was just added to the vault? I was filled with anger and regret. I haven’t even played the game yet (since downloads take forever nowadays), and I could have had the game for basically free instead of $18.99. As a result, I turned to Xbox Support and filed a claim for a refund on my purchase. I told them how I only bought the game because it was included in the EA Access vault (which I have a subscription for), and how I wanted a refund since it was less than 48 hours from my purchase date.

Two more days pass, and Xbox finally responds to me.

“Thanks for understanding”…You can only imagine how angry and upset I was hearing this information. So much so, I decided to write this article about it. Not only did Xbox rip me off, but they played with my FIFA loving heart and mind by forcing me to buy it on sale. They made me think I was getting a good deal on the game, but in reality they hustled me for $18.99 plus tax, in addition to my EA Access subscription fee. For that reason, Carole Baskin > Xbox One.

If I ever file another refund claim, I’m just going to say my kid (don’t have one) purchased it accidentally. Maybe I will have better luck.

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