A Letter To The NCAA

Dear NCAA,

The year 2020 has not been great. So far we have had Australian Bushfires, the loss of Kobe Bryant, Covid-19, and most recently Murder Hornets. We are not even in June yet, and this is quickly becoming one of the worst years in history. We all need something to keep us going and give us hope, that is where you come in.

As the NCAA, it is your mission to safeguard the well-being of student athletes on the field, in the class room, and all aspects of life. We respect your mission, and continue to show our support by cheering on your University’s sport programs. As a result, we the people, are asking you to bring back all of the NCAA franchise’s video games such as NCAA Football, NCAA March Madness, and MVP: NCAA Baseball. The last NCAA Football game was released in 2013, and we have been missing it ever since.

I know there has been issues in the past with the player likeness and attributes, since players cannot be compensated. However, I personally don’t care if the players look or play like any of the real life NCAA stars. Just give me random video game athletes like it used to be in the good ole days when greed didn’t ruin everything. Call the guy #20 or Joe Smith for all I care, I just want the games back.

Playing the QB1 mode on Madden 20, made me miss the NCAA Football games even more. The game mode allowed you to play as your favorite top notch NCAA teams in the College Football Playoffs, and boy did I enjoy that. Madden is fun and all, but NCAA games are on a whole different level. The college stadiums, crowd chants, bands playing, and ability to build your own college makes the game so much better.

Since 2020 is heading down the drain, please step up and do the right thing. Bring back the games we all grew up loving, and help bring happiness to homes all over the world.


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