Who’s The Problem In Green Bay?

The NFL Draft has finished up and the biggest thing that people are talking about are the Green Bay Packers. If you didn’t watch the draft (what the hell is wrong with you), the Packers had traded up in the draft to select their pick. It seems the stars were aligned that the Packers were trading up to take a receiver. The last time they took an offensive player in the first round was Aaron Rodgers himself in 2005. The last time a receiver was taken was Javon Walker in 2002.

So this was a pretty crazy thing here. The Packers were finally going to get Aaron Rodgers a weapon…

Not only was it not a receiver, but it was Jordan Love…


I couldn’t believe my ears, so I relied on my eyes, and those didn’t help me either. Why in the hell do you trade up to take a quarterback when your team has no receiving weapons outside of Davante Adams? Also, Aaron still has four years on his contract, so why even think about it in the first place?

You can argue that the situation was familiar with Aaron Rodgers as he found himself in the same position when Brett Favre. He wasn’t much of a mentor to Rodgers, and I don’t know if the situation will be different or not because man this is crazy! Keep in mind such a deep receiving class, the Packers didn’t draft a single receiver to help out Rodgers.

It begs the question looking at the future that who is the problem in Green Bay? Is it Aaron Rodgers or is it their coach; Matt LaFleur? Let’s discuss that!

Is Aaron Rodgers the Problem?

Aaron is a special type of player and sometimes being special gives you some type of attitude complex. Aaron was arguably the reason that current Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy was run out of Green Bay. The two accomplished quite a lot together including winning a Super Bowl, but a seed was planted before all of that;

If you want another example, this quote was taken from Marcus Spears on Get Up from ESPN with video to go along with it as well;

“Aaron Rodgers is toxic. If it wasn’t for his talent level, we would probably have a different view and conversation about Aaron Rodgers. When former players come out and talk about a player…. When you’ve went to war with a guy, for you to come out talk of him ill and speak negatively of him, he’s done some things that you’ve seen that has created the ability for you to go out and express that.”

— ESPN NFL Analyst Marcus Spears

Many thought things were going to be different when Matt LaFleur came into the picture, but it doesn’t seem like that is working either with this move he had made at the Draft. It just seems like whatever relationship they had at the beginning has officially crumbled.

Is Matt LaFleur the Problem?

Things were supposed to be different when they got a new head coach, but it seems that LaFleur is on an island leaving Rodgers out to sea to drown. Fans of Green Bay can understand that as the gameplay changed a lot to more of a running format with Aaron Jones. They didn’t have a lot of good weapons (aside from Adams) that Rodgers really trusted to throw the ball to anyway.

However, the Draft was supposed to get him a new weapon, particularly a new receiving option. Does LaFleur do this? No. He drafts a quarterback in the first round in Jordan Love, and he traded up to get him. This was a call made against Rodgers and is essentially saying he is going forth with his own plan of attack. They didn’t draft a single receiver in this entire class…

In my mind, co-host Nick Wright from First Things First said it perfectly in this clip!

It’s an interesting take considering LaFleur’s track record doesn’t speak in a light manner here. The main thing I look at here is that the Packers were one game away from the Super Bowl… So when your big needs are either receiver or linebacker, and you don’t take either of those and instead take Rodger’s eventual replacement. Man that is just a slap in the face.

Who Do You Think Is The Problem?

Time to decide guys. In your honest opinion with the current knowledge you possess, and the knowledge given to you after reading both of these takes. Who is the real problem in Green Bay?

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