The Trials and Tribulations of Burnout; a PSA

No fun pictures and witty comments in this one lads and lasses. This is more of a PSA to all of our readers and my fellow writers, and something I have significantly struggled with myself recently. Burnout is a real thing, a real pain in the ass and something that affects nearly everyone. If you say you’ve never been a victim of burnout then you’re a bold faced liar.

For me, burnout come in HOT these past couple months. A few of my coworkers left the company I work for, and it left me doing 3 peoples jobs by myself. It was brutal, and I got burnout something fierce. I did get a promotion out of it, and for that I’m more than thankful, but it truly affected my drive to do pretty much anything else.

By the time I was done working, I wanted to go home and just relax, play video games or something. It made some of my passions turn into jobs and killed my drive to partake in them.

One of those passions was Thoughts from the Bench. I love TFTB, I love all my fellow writers and it brought serious joy to me to write articles and see people read them and make papi Deke proud. Then burnout took it’s toll on me and writing became a chore for me. Truth be told, I hated myself for it for a solid month at least.

Something just recently clicked with all the horrible news coming from the pandemic and just genuine unhappiness throughout the world. You can’t let trials and tribulations tear down your passions. I’ve taken that to heart, and I’ve started to write more, and my love for it is quickly coming back. I know I’m not the only one who has suffered from this and have had some issues finding the motivation to write and produce content for TFTB. I’ve been there and I’m still sort of there, so homies I feel you. Thank god we have amazing writers like Austin, Vo, Deke, Dre, Elsass, etc that have pushed content even when us slackers have dropped the ball. Without them, TFTB wouldn’t be where it is now.

The moral of the story here is to keep your passions burning regardless of the circumstance. Turn that unfortunate circumstances into fuel for the fire. I know this pandemic has caused people to lose jobs, loved ones and more. It’s horrible and my heart goes out to all those who have fallen victim to it. Use the time you have, the sorrow you have, build yourself back up and keep your passions alive. Do what you can to be happy, it’s all you can do, y’know? It’s the best thing you can do, and so I challenge you all to be happy. To follow your passions and do what makes you happy.

It’s not bad to take a break every now and then either, burnout will cause you need one that’s for sure. Don’t let that break turn into a habit like I did. I challenge all my fellow writers here at TFTB who have fallen into this bad habit like I have to climb out of it and produce content. We gotta step up and help out our boys who have put everything on their backs. To all you out there reading this, keep up with your passions and don’t let them fade.

You want to be a streamer? Set it up, shoot me your stream and I’ll showcase it. You want to be a Youtuber? Hell yeah, produce that content. You want to write? Write, get it out there, you’ll never know what’ll happen until you do. You want to learn to knit? Knit a badass sweater. You want to grow a garden? Do it, PLANT. THAT. SHIT.

Just get out there and do it! I know I’m going to, so esssssssssssssketit homies :]

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