Tom Brady – Home Invader?

I woke up with the NFL Draft coarsing through my veins. I made some bets this morning that I am now sweating over, but never back down and never surrender and it’s only money and what not.

But nothing, and I mean NOTHING has started my day off on a better foot than knowing that the GOAT himself Tom Brady is now a home invader.

This is just wonderful. Tom Terrific, TB12,the Golden Boy himself just barged into the house he thought was owned by offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich for the first meeting since signing with TB.

I mean seriously, imagine just chilling in your living room, you know…living and BOOM! your door opens. In walks the greatest quarterback of all time, duffle bags in hand. I would instantly assume two things.

One : Tom Brady and I are having a sleep over. I get to show him my sick Madden skills, I’d probably challenge him to a beer chugging competition and he would absolutely be on Two Beers Deep.

Two : I am in the wrong house. Tom Brady is never wrong. Tom Brady is Tom Brady, I’m just a dude in a house. It’s almost more likely that I’m wrong than Tom is.

Hysterical. Just another reason that although I hate TB12 as a Steelers fan, I just love the man himself. Merp.

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