Myles Garrett Suspension Lifted

The NFL offseason is an incredibly slow and grueling process. Stories like free agency and draft speculation get dragged out just to keep the NFL relevant during the down time. This will be especially true as I launch my first mock draft later this week to feed into this slow downtime of the NFL.

Today, the NFL made headlines by deciding to reinstate Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett from his indefinite suspension.

I will admit, this was something that flew completely under the radar after the decision was made to uphold the indefinite suspension back in November. I must applaud everyone (including those in Pittsburgh and myself) for putting this behind them after the final decision. I’m sure now that the suspension is over, people will say “it wasn’t long enough.”

We have to keep in mind that he was suspended the final 6 games of the season AND playoffs if the Browns made it (lol). Although I am not dissatisfied with the suspension length and the timing of the reinstatement of Garrett, I would have kept the suspension until the regular season for 2 more games just to keep the players honest. By doing so, the NFL makes the statement that such an incident should never happen again. I’m sure that the NFL did their due diligence in ensuring Garrett learned his lesson.

Hopefully something like this doesn’t happen again because this was so ugly and it could have been so much worse if Mason Rudolph was struck with the crown of the helmet. Garrett can now get back to work and prepare for the whooping him and the Browns will be taking come game 1 this 2020 NFL season.

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