Tom Brady: Free Agent

Although I formally believe that Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. will be a New England Patriot at the start of the 2020 campaign, rumors have been swirling (and now confirmed) that Pats owner Robert Kraft wants Tom Terrific to test out free agency in an attempt to gauge his market value.

Honestly…I like to think this is EXACTLY how the conversation went.

Tom Brady has set his demands, asking for around $30 mill a season including there will be no “Hometown Discount” for the Patriots. I don’t blame the guy considering he’s arguably the most underpaid athlete on the planet not counting his under the table money through TB12 to keep the cap low.

I think it’s honestly amazing that Kraft is willing to let Tom price himself in todays NFL. I get it, an older QB who is on the decline with not much left in the tank as far as longevity goes. The only down side is, a team will absolutely give Brady a blank check.

Although I don’t believe that people die without seeing the dead bodies, it would be interesting to see Brady in another jersey. The Patriots had arguably two heir’s in Brissett and Jimmy G that they basically let walk. Stidham is a very interesting backup seeing as the team let go of notable Patriots backup Brian Hoyer who the franchise loves. I don’t know if Stidham is their QB of the future, but honestly years behind Brady should prepare you for anything.

The Raiders (as seen above) have come out and said they will pursue Tom Terrific if he hits the open market, which it seems like he will. Las Vegas is a very talented team, but one with a shaky O-Line and questionable skill players. It just feels like any destination for Brady wouldn’t be as quality as what he has created in New England.

For me personally, I do hope Brady fully tests out the FA market. The greatest debate in the NFL is the Brady v Bill conversation, and creating a possible scenario where brady could be a Raider, a Charger or a Colt would be an amazing turn of events.

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