Free Agent Quarterback Predictions

This is the year where we probably see some of the greatest (and not so great) quarterbacks run out the end of their contracts. This offseason questions will rise as to where these quarterbacks will go. I take a dive into where I believe each of these quarterbacks will end up.

1.) Case Keenum

Prediction; Re-Signs with the Washington Redskins (Two-Year Deal)

Case Keenum finds himself in a situation with Washington where he and Dwayne Haskins battled it out to see who would start. Keenum took the reigns until he was injured forcing Haskins to come in. Both didn’t do that great, but with Ron Rivera as the coach he could either sign Keenum or let him walk with the future of Haskins in front of him. My prediction is that he will want a veteran to help Haskins out in his struggles.

2.) Dak Prescott

Prediction; The Dallas Cowboys Franchise Tag Him

Prescott has proven in my mind to be a pretty good quarterback after taking over for Tony Romo. For some reason the Cowboys refuse him to give him the money he wants which is around 40 million if I’m not mistaken. While he says he won’t show up to practice I hardly believe he will fold. He will play with the Cowboys for this franchise year and will get his deal the following season.

3.) Drew Brees

Prediction; Re-Signs with the New Orleans Saints (One-Year Deal)

A decision needs to be made when concerning the return of Drew Brees. Either he comes back or retires. Though he said he wants to spend more time with his family, I believe he has one last run in him. He will sign for one final season before the team transfers the reigns to what could be Taysom Hill and not Teddy Bridgewater.

4.) Jameis Winston

Prediction; Signs With the Indianapolis Colts (One-Two Year Deal)

The Bucs aren’t the biggest fans of Jameis Winston right now with his turnover issues. Chances are he either re-signs to earn his keep…or he signs with a team short term. The Colts would be the perfect team in my eyes. While Jacoby Brissett was decent last year, the Colts aren’t heavily sold on him yet. Bring in Winston with a good offensive line to see what he can bring to the franchise.

5.) Philip Rivers

Prediction; Signs with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Two-Year Deal)

Rivers has left the building in Los Angeles and will be allowed to explore free agency after his 16 year tenure with the Chargers. After moving his family down to Florida it only makes sense that he would sign a two year deal with the Bucs now if Winston makes his way out. He would thrive with the weapons there and end his career there.

6.) Ryan Tannehill

Prediction; Re-Signs with the Tennessee Titans (Two-Three Year Deal)

After reigniting his career in Tennessee when they benched Marcus Mariota, I really doubt Tennessee won’t re-sign Ryan Tannehill since he got them to the AFC Championship game last season. He has made the weapons around him more reliable and should continue to do that as the starter for the Titans for years to come.

7.) Teddy Bridgewater

Prediction; Signs with the Carolina Panthers (Two-Year Deal)

From what it looks like, Teddy Bridgwater is going to be the odd man out in New Orleans. Brees will retire after this upcoming season and Taysom Hill will take over for the 2021 season. That leaves Bridgewater with an option to leave and he should head to a place that is in desperate need of a quarterback; Carolina. There he will be able to prove how much he is worth to an organization.

8.) Tom Brady

Prediction; Signs with the Los Angeles Chargers (Two-Three Year Deal)

While most think Brady will come to his senses and re-sign and finish his career in New England, I just feel that this bridge has been burned too badly for him to return. Moving Jimmy G was the last straw for Belichick and now the master and apprentice of the dark side will part ways. What home makes sense more than the Chargers for Brady then? The answer is nowhere. He’ll have a great pass catch running back duo, a great tight end, and two very good receivers. The defense should even be better. Plus he can sell his TB12 product all over Los Angeles. There is no better place for Tom Brady to finish his career at.

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