Beyond the Arc

By Ben Fiore

Zion Williamson is known as one of the most highly touted and praised draft prospects of all time. After years of watching him through middle school, high school, and his year at Duke, we might finally get to see him hit the NBA floor.

Per New Orleans Pelicans General Manager, David Griffin, Williamson is expected to make his debut Wednesday, Jan. 22 against the San Antonio Spurs.

I think this would be an excellent game for him to start off with. His large frame and physical play style is a mismatch for anyone on the Spurs, even DeRozan. I see him being able to perform well and display his raw athleticism in this game. And who knows, maybe Ja Morant will finally have a tight race for rookie of the year?

Zion has already been seen dunking and practicing and has seemed to make a faster recovery from his leg injury than expected.

He was slotted to come back after the all-star break but now seems to be playing sooner rather than later. And I like most, can’t wait to see what he makes happen in the league.