NHL All Star Weekend: Elite Women’s 3 on 3

The NHL All Star weekend has always been one of my favorites. All Star weekend consists of many live performances, autograph signings, the fan favorite NHL All Star Competition, and of course the NHL All-star game.

This years 2020 Honda NHL All Star weekend takes place in St. Louis, home of the reigning Stanley Cup Champions, St. Louis Blues. In case you missed it, the NHL announced their rosters for the new Elite Women’s 3 on 3 event, which is composed of the best US and Canadian women’s players. The event will be introduced during the NHL Skills Competition.

Over the past couple of years the NHL and its affiliates have been spreading the love of Women’s hockey.  What better way to promote the sport then showcasing it at one of the biggest events in the NHL’s season?  In past seasons, skills competition events such as the fastest skater, puck handling, and hardest shot have included a women’s player here and there.  However, this will be the first event of its kind to only include women. The event will consist of two 10 minute running periods, and will have an overtime period if it ends in a tie. 

I am excited to see this event take place. Hockey fans have fallen in love with the back and fourth action of 3 on 3 hockey.  With stars like Amanda Kessel, Hilary Knight, Jocelyn Lamoureux-Davidson, and Sarah Nurse leading the way, this event will definitely not disappoint. 

The Elite Women’s 3 on 3 is just one of the many events at the NHL Skills Competition. Be sure to follow the action live on January 24th, as well as watch the NHL All Star game on Saturday January 25th. 

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