Wildcard Weekend – What We Know

Football isn’t just wasted, it’s completely off its hinges. This past weekend was ELECTRIC from start to finish and no matter which game you were able to catch, you were just happy you watched it. I had started the weekend off with a wonderful parlay that literally crashed and burnt except for the Seattle game, and if Wentz wasn’t out I probably would have loved that one too. Here’s what we know after this insane Wildcard Weekend.

D.K. Metcalf is Good

Like….good good. When DK slid in the draft to the 64th overall spot, a lot of people assumed there was something the normal human just flat out didn’t know. He’s a monster and was part of the most productive receiver duo in recent memory with A.J. Brown. The Seahawks didn’t force him into anything early on in the season, but man was he insane. 160 receiving yards is a rookie postseason single-game record, and his touchdown was straight up “I’m bigger than you and I will beat you.” I love this kid moving forward.

Deshaun Watson is Unreal

This one was probably understood before the season even started but I just want to watch him dodge that sack one more time. I had Watson as my preseason MVP for this very reason, simply because the dude has that IT factor. This play is just insane, and the Texans need to invest in this team right now, otherwise, they risk wasting not only Watson but Hopkins too.

Derrick Henry is Legit

I will absolutely admit, I was a doubter. Derrick Henry is just too big to be a great back, right? Wrong. I will say that saying something like “Well can he do it again” is on the tip of my tongue, but I mean…I guess I said it last season too and he did. It’s just time to admit that the Titans have something, despite them possibly losing him in the offseason. Henry bull rusher the Pats defense and will get PAID this offseason.

The Chiefs or Ravens will win the Super Bowl

There’s nothing more refreshing than a first-round bye and if you think differently, just ask the Patriots. The first time Tom has had to work the weekend after New Year in a decade and BOOM – dies. I believe this year is an AFC Super Bowl with the Chiefs or Ravens running away with it. I like the 49ers, Packers, and Seattle as a whole, but none of them are as powerful to me as those two. We’ll see, but I feel pretty confident.

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