#DrePredictions NFL Playoffs

First thing is first, you can reference my preseason predictions here.

For the most part I think I did ok but there was some small details I missed. My bold prediction of Kamara hitting 2000 all purpose yards was 50% right in the sense that someone did it. The problem is Christian McCaffery was the man to choose. Things like that are tough to gauge but I’ll take a moral victory in calling shots like that as well as who wins what division. The two biggest victories for me though were absolutely nailing the Pats and Cowboys records. Looking back, the Cowboys record was easy to predict as they are the most 8-8 team I’ve ever seen. 

Now that the regular season is over, let’s get to what really matters and that is who is hoisting the Lombardi on 2/2. 

Wild Card Weekend

Bills at Texans

The Bills were a surprise to me this season. I knew their defense was an elite unit but I did not expect this offense to do enough this year to make it to the postseason. I did not believe in Josh Allen but I have to eat that slice of humble pie. Josh Allen really impressed me this season and the Bills 100% have their franchise QB. It’s going to be fun watching him and Deshaun Watson sling it today. Watson really is one of a kind. Without him, there’s no chance they are here since outside of him and Hopkins, they just don’t excite me as a team. This offense is different without Will Fuller and he does not look to play today. With the Texans stuck in Saturday playoff game purgatory, I don’t see them pulling this out. 

Bills over Texans 21-17

Titans at Patriots

This is a rematch from the 2018 Divisional round where the Pats clearly outmatched the surprising Tennessee Titans. With the Pats having home field again, it’s impossible to bet against them. If you have been watching this team this year, you can tell this team is different. This Pats offense is absolutely atrocious and anyone with eyes can see that. This defense has carried this team the entire year but can they keep it up against a high scoring offense? If there is a shootout, does anyone believe that Brady and that offense can put enough points up? Since Ryan Tannehill has been named the starter, the Titans offense has thrived. In his 10 starts this year, he’s sports a 22:6 TD/INT ratio as well as a 70.3% completion percentage. The threat of the pass has done wonders for rushing champ Derrick Henry. Not to mention the potential NFL OROY AJ Brown has lit the NFL on fire the second half of the season. Is the Pats defense really going to shut this offense down?!?!?! Well yeah because it’s the damn Patriots…at home…with Bill Belichick as the coach. 

Pats over Titans 24-20

Vikings at Saints

This might be the most complete team Sean Payton has ever coached. They do not seem dominant on defense like they were last year, but their young studs like Marcus Lattimore and Marcus Williams are another year older. I wouldn’t expect another Minneapolis Miracle here mainly because this time the game is in New Orleans. The Saints offense is a machine. Drew Brees is ready as he knows his time is running out. If you’re a better, take every single Michael Thomas prop bet there is because Xavier Rhodes is not ready for that assignment. I know Kamara didn’t seem like the player he could be this season…but it’s Alvin Kamara. This Vikings team is more dangerous on offense this time around. Dalvin Cook is healthy after missing the last couple games. Alex Mattison is healthy and ready to spell him if need be. The biggest X factor on this offense though is Adam Theilen. If he is all the way back healthy, him and Diggs will feast off of play action. It’s a tough call and as a better, I like the over regardless. I just can’t bet against the Saints at home. 

Saints over Vikings 34-24

Seahawks at Eagles

This game is the toughest to evaluate no doubt. On one side, you have the Seahawks with a MVP caliber QB in Russell Wilson coming off of one of his most impressive seasons to date. Beast mode is officially back and ready to feast alongside Chris Carson. They have a good receiving core led by Tyler Lockett who looks to be a focal point of the passing game again. Finally, you have a defense that is no pushover led by Jadeveon Clowney who can wreak havoc at any time. My problem is this team plays so much worse on the road. On the other sideline, you have Carson Wentz playing in his first playoff game. How crazy is that actually? Year 3 and he finally gets his shot to show the world what he can do. The Eagles were undefeated in December where they won their last 4 to win the NFC East. When looking at this team though, they are ravished with injuries at multiple positions. The biggest is on the offensive side of the ball. Zach Ertz, Alshon Jeffery, Jordan Howard, and Nelson Agholor have been hurt down this stretch. I actually have no clue who is playing receiver for them on Sunday…but they somehow find a way. Their defense is improved but can you trust these corners to match up with the Seahawks weapons? I’m not sure I can. Sidney Jones has looked good at times which has allowed this defense to improve. 

Seahawks over Eagles 30-27

AFC Divisional Round

Ravens over Bills

Chiefs over Pats (yeah this is where they lose and it’s not going to be good for them)

NFC Divisional Round

Seahawks over 49ers 

Packers over Saints

AFC/NFC Championship

Chiefs over Ravens

Packers over Seahawks

Super Bowl LIV: Chiefs over Packers

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