Mike McCarthy, Welcome to Dallas

Is that not the greatest tweet ever sent? Jerry Jones basically is the cool kid in high school whos Mom ALWAYS had poptarts and pizza rolls. Think about this sentence… “Once you stay at Jerry’s house, he doesn’t lose his guy.” That’s the single most BALLER thing I have ever laid eyes on.

Can we just picture Greenfield’s own Mike McCarthy in a onsie and a sleeping bag, curled up on the floor watching Pokemon reruns with Jerry laying on the couch with his Johnny Walker Blue? These two had a sleep over. That’s poetry.

Mike spent an entire year away from the game of football learning the sides of it he didn’t already know, like the importance of data and analytics in todays game. Not the nerdy way that the Browns did it, but really learning the importance of each little stat.

I’m a BIG McCarthy guy, mainly because of the bar known as Hough’s in Greenfield, PA. To the haters who chirp “If he couldn’t handle Rodgers, how will he handle Jerry?” Dude….Rodgers family can’t even handle Rodgers. I see that situation (not identical) but similar to the Tomlin / AB situation. He kept it under wraps as long as he could but in the end, Rodgers won.

I’m very excited for the Cowboys moving forward. Garrett never added anything for me, he just seemed like an empty puppet for what Jerry wanted to happen. Dallas fans can at least find a little bit of joy and hope during the post season, the first time that’s happened in forever.

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