Congratulations To Us All…We Made It

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT. I literally haven’t been this excited since…well the beginning of last year. The NFL season is back and I finally feel justified for the countless hours of staring at Fantasy Football rankings. I’m just happy footballs back as a whole, but College Football isn’t quite the emotional rollercoaster that I call my love.

Tonight, we kick off the celebrations with the Green Bay Packers vs. the Chicago Bears, a game that isn’t QUITE what I wanted opening the season, but a pretty amazing matchup.

I still stand by the fact that this entire NFL150 thing is a giant cop out so Goodell. In every past year, basically ever, the Super Bowl champions have opened the season. I’m glad it isn’t the Pats at home because that would mean the Steelers would be on tonight and my soul needs football before that type of excitement, but we can all agree Goodell’s a complete chump.

Here’s a few of my predictions this season :

MVP – It has to be a Quarterback, right? 11/13 of the past MVP’s have been QB’s, so instead of taking the ballsy pick I’m sticking true. My MVP for the season is Deshaun Watson, the Michael Jordan of Football.

DPOY – Aaron Donald, and I just don’t even think it’s that close. Aaron Donald has been a complete force for the Rams since leaving Pitt and although there’s a couple of amazing options here, I know it’s Donald.

OPOY – This one’s easy for me, I take my true love Christian McCaffrey. I love the Panthers Offense and it breathes with the combination of Newton and CMC. CMC is my most likely player to go for 1k+1k this year as well, so give the guy his dues.

OROY – This award always gives me pause and it’s mainly because the “top” prospects often go to the worst NFL teams. For this season though, my prediciton for the offensive rookie of the year is a guy I took in a mock dynasty draft first overall the week before the NFL draft. David. Montgomery. RB for the Chicago Bears.

DROY – OOOOOO defensive Rookie of the year. It falls to the same trap as offense where, the best teams really dont get the best players, making it hard to judge the first year. I’m going with the single most biased answer I can. Devin Bush, the middle lineback for my Pittsburgh Steelers will win DROY.

Coach of the Year – O boy. You know, belichick never wins it…which is wild. But he isn’t my pick. This years COY won’t be the guy I wish it was in McVay, because the award is almost always given to a young coach turning around a franchise. For his ability to continue a playoff run while suffering the most devasting offseason almost ever, come accept your award, Frank Reich.

Congratulations guys. We made it to the NFL season.

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