The next Cowboys Head Coach Will Be…

Any Cowboys fans out there? No? Not anymore you say! Wow……didn’t you say that last season? And the one before that?

I really do have a soft spot for Dallas Cowboys fans, mainly because no matter how close they get to success, Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett seem hell bent on tearing this team down from ths inside out. On paper, I would argue that the Dallas Cowboys have a top three team in the NFL and once again have just been complete crap.

Yes, they DO still have playoff hopes as they lead a ridiculously sad division over the Eagles and that’s the main reason that Garrett still has a job. If the Cowboys has an actual interm Head Coach, they ABSOLUTELY would have made the move. But alas, their faint playoff hopes keep the current regime in place.

I wanted to take a look at some legitimate candidates for the Cowboys head coaching job next year since I don’t see a single scenario where Garrett keeps the job. If he continues to be the Cowboys head coach next year, I think Jerry Jones should be forced to wear an Eagles jersey the entire year.

Lincoln Riley

The Heisman producing head coach for Oklahoma is most likely looking for his next landing spot, and a leap to one of the NFL’s biggest franchises is an easy solution for “Where can Riley go next?” This doesn’t seem like the move that will be the most likely to happen, but I would love to see the offense Riley has been producing with for a solid three straight years at Oklahoma in Dallas.

Urban Meyer

The former Ohio State coach has taken time away from coaching due to health issues and currently has a cushy job on Fox as a college football analyst, but if we’ve learning anything from recent coaching hires (Gruden, Edwards), the game comes a calling. Meyer is a fantastic coach with a suspect track record that would most likely be washed away in the Pros. This is a guy who wouldn’t bend to Jerry’s way though, making the move a suspect one.

Kellen Moore

Greg said multiple times early on in the season that Kellen Moore would be the next hot young NFL head coach, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jerry tried to hand the keys to someone internal. Moore had this offense clicking early on in the season against mediocre teams and I just feel like Jerry wants another “one of his guys” at the helm. If not this year, the future is most likely bright for Moore.

Josh McDaniels

Has their been a head coaching vacancy that hasn’t has Josh McDaniels in the mix for the past five years? The Patriots OC is much more than an offensice coordinator, he’s basically a coach in waiting. The question just is, who gets him? We all thought it to be the Colts last season, but Big Shot Bill turned that down real quick. McDaniels most likely won’t put up with Jerry’s shit as easily as other guys on this list, but he would be an instant impact coach for this franchise.

Robert Saleh

One of the most intimidating humans on planet earth, Saleh has quickly become the topic of conversation around head coaching jobs in the NFL. He took the 49ers top talent and produced one of, if not the, NFL’s best defense. Saleh has been on the Texans, Seahawks and Jaguars coaching staff, participating in the Super Bowl victory over the Broncos while in Seattle. A former defensive quality coach turned linebackers coach TURNED defensive mastermind, Saleh will get a head coaching job soon….personally, I think with the Panthers.

Jerry Jones

I mean…we all could see this happening, right? Jerry just basically saying “F*** IT” and putting the headset on himself. This is an absolute reinactment of Dwight giving himself the Hay King on the office because he didn’t win as a child, and nothing would make me more happy as a fan of football than Jerry coaching the Cowboys.

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