How It Feels to Be Back In Pittsburgh

Guess who’s back. Back again. Benny’s back. Tell yo friends. Holy shit it feels good to be home. I’ve had my fun, but I’m just too much of a homebody and lover of Pittsburgh to not come back.

If you’re wondering where I was, the last 4+ years I’ve been in San Antonio, TX and Great Falls, MT serving in the United States Air Force. I truly got to do some awesome things there and gain experiences I never would have anywhere else along with meeting some friends I’ll have forever. But it’s time to end that chapter of my life and move on to being back home.

Obviously family was a big factor and it doesn’t get any better than that. Truly love to be around my family every day as opposed to living my relationships through FaceTimes for years. My childhood friends who are still around truly have welcomed me home in the best way. I feel like I’ve come back to the same place I loved, except we all got better through the last few years in between.

Montana didn’t have ANY pro sports teams and now I’m back in a city where we have three franchises that hold a special place in my heart along side (of course) my Pitt Panthers too. Pens, Steelers and Pirates games at my fingertips again is truly electrifying.

The FOOD. Being able to chomp down into a Primati’s sandwich, or a DeLuca’s pancake, or a Benny Fiero’s pizza makes my mouth water anytime I’m downtown. The night life of the Southside is WAY better than what was in Montana which was basically a lot of whites and meth. There’s good music and city scenery in Pittsburgh that I can’t get enough of.

I took a 32 hour road trip back to PA from MT. I stopped and stayed with friends in Colorado Springs, CO and St Louis, MO. As much fun as that was, those were a long three days and I’m glad to be back.

As for TFTB, now that I have a job and a steady life style, I’m back to business. More articles and video content coming at you. Truly feels great to be a part of this team. Being over 1,800 miles away prevented me from truly feeling a part of it, but that’s all over now. Damn it’s good to be back.

Editors Note: Benny Buckets was welcomed back in November with a highly anticipated cornhole throw down against Josh Elsass and this is how it went down.

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