PC or Console: The Age Old Question with Esports

Whether the question stems towards FILTHY casuals who just game for fun (who even are you?!) or those with a competitive mindset, there always at some point seems to be that question.

PC or console?

Which is better? Which will the esport be on? Which will have a higher player base? Blah blah blah. The typical questions. Honestly, the answer is often easy. PC, for the most part.

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Which is better? That’s opinionated without a doubt. It all depends on who you’re asking. I’ve been lucky enough to experience both, and I was a console gamer for most of my life, up until about my sophomore year of college really. That being said, PC is better in my opinion when it comes to gaming. Most of the games I play are competitive multiplayer games, and when it comes to that niche, PC is unparalleled. Higher FPS, smoother gameplay, higher refresh rate with a monitor, and aiming with a mouse in shooters is much more accurate than a controller. There is no question there. If I’m playing a single player game, like recently I have been playing Stars Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, I would much rather chill on my couch with a controller in hand and play on my Xbox. It’s truly all opinion really.

Regarding what the esport will be on? Honestly, more often than not expect PC for the better performance. The higher player base will always be console for anything multiplatform. The price of entry for a console is cheaper than a PC, so most players will be on Xbox or Playstation. That’s not to say you can’t get a potent gaming PC for just a couple hundred dollars more than an Xbox One X, but it’s not as easy to use as an Xbox or Playstation.

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With this all being said, let’s talk about Halo esports. Halo, notably, has ALWAYS been on Xbox, whether it be the OG Xbox, Xbox 360 or Xbox One, it’s always been there. With Microsoft’s more recent movement of “Play Anywhere” and their increasing support of PC gaming, that leaves Halo in a sort of limbo. Where will Halo Infinite, Microsoft’s flagship upcoming game, be played competitively? Well, Halo Reach, one of the older games in the series, might be the determining factor for that question.

Halo Reach has been updated and upgraded for the Halo Master Chief Collection, and is dropping today. Last night, Tashi was able to clear up some questions:

So it sounds like Halo is aiming to move esports to PC and stray from their heritage of being on Xbox. Honestly, I’m a fan of this. I had some questions I wanted to get some answers on, so I reached out to Tashi myself. Honestly, I’ve never experienced a more “in touch with their community” organization than 343 when it comes to esports, and Tashi is one of, if not the best, at handling questions and responding when people want more insight. Kudos to him for sure!

So from what I gathered, the move to PC is the right play, but they aren’t alienating their OG fans either. The first tournament, the HCS Grassroots tourney he spoke of, they’ll be allowing both keyboard/mouse and controller as input device options. I like that, it gives players the ability to use what they want to use.

PC will undoubtedly be the better performing platform (barring any bugs) for Halo Reach as well. The Xbox One X is great, but it still can’t compete with mid-range to high-end gaming PCs. Not to mention, Halo MCC is the number one selling item on the Steam store at the moment, so it’s not lacking it’s fair share of players. On the plus side as well, Halo Infinite is being developed with PC in mind as well, unlike the previous games where Xbox has always been the focus. So if this goes well, the Infinite will surely be on the PC for esports, and historically, most esports thrive when placed on PC over console, it’s honestly just the more competitive location.

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I for one am looking forward to seeing how this test run on PC goes for Halo, and I’ll certainly be dropping in on PC to test it out. BIG shout-out and thank you to Tashi for responding and clearing up some thoughts I had! The future of Halo is looking bright, and that brings happiness to my heart.

Drop in and #RememberReach today!

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