The Browns Are An Emotional Rollercoaster

This team, this God damn team.

Every Monday, win or lose, I always look forward to the next game. I turn off 92.3 The Fan and just ignore all the talk that goes around the Browns. I tune it out, and just focus on the job at hand.

Heading into this week, we were coming off probably the worst loss of the season. We got sucker punched in the face in San Francisco. Everything that could have gone wrong that game, did. Turning the ball over in seemingly every trip to the endzone, letting the 49ers walk into the end zone on seemingly every possession, and a stupid controversy after liar Richard Sherman said that Baker Mayfield, “didn’t shake hands” after the coin toss, which he later admitted to being a lie.

No alternative facts here, Kellyanne Sherman.

But going into this week, I thought, “this is going to be a good week for the Browns. Home game, time to get the season back on track!”

And the game started out well, the Browns started the game with a 74 yard kickoff return by Dontrell Hilliard. Scoring on our first three possessions, I thought to myself, this is our week, this is our year! The Browns and the referees thought otherwise.

Stupid turnovers and bad defending allowed for the Seahawks to get right back into the game. The Browns simply were not playing well going into halftime, but that is what the halftime break is for, get regrouped and get the offense clicking again.

Starting the 2nd half was more like how we began the game, efficient and in rhythm. But the referees had other ideas.

Now a precursor, I still believe that the worst call in NFL history by referees is the Saints/Rams NFC Championship game last year in which the ref missed the most blatantly obvious pass interference call in the history of the sport.

When Jarvis Landry got flagged for a blindside block, I was like, “okay, just back it up and we get to replay the down.” Then I saw the replay and lost my damn mind. HOW IS THAT A BLINDSIDE BLOCK? The NFL is setting a serious precedent with these terrible calls, especially one like that. If that is a blindside block, than every block in the NFL this season on any running play has to be flagged for a blindside block.

It’s truly concerning as a fan of the game, that the quality of refereeing across the board is getting worse. These are obvious calls that the refs are missing, or even worse, no calls that the refs are flagging as fouls.

After that terrible call, the refs decided to go after both the Browns and Seahawks for “ineligible receiver downfield” on multiple occasions.

It wasn’t just the bad calls that were going against the Browns yesterday, there were plenty of bad calls that went against the Seahawks too. And that is what us as fans don’t want, a game littered with flags which turns into the referees determining the outcome of the game instead of the players.

While yesterday’s game was not entirely down to the referees making terrible calls, they had a large part to do with the outcome of the game. Along with Kitchens making terrible decisions like challenging a touchdown that we would have scored on the ensuing play, to Baker hitting more Seahawks in the second half than Browns, the Browns have a lot to work on when we face the Patriots in two weeks time.

The Browns are an emotional roller coaster, but I am still staying positive, on wards and upwards Brownies.

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