The Buffalo Bills are for real

Hey Guys, Blogdini here, resident Buffalo Bills supporter on the Bench.

I’ve been doing it since I was 5 years old and I can’t tell you that I’ve never been more excited about the Bills than I am this year.

Let me explain something first though. Every year I get excited about the Bills. I look at all the positives, I ignore the negatives and I always tell myself, “this is the year.”

When Sean McDermott took over the team and broke the playoff curse in his first year, it was the happiest moment of my life as a Bills fan. To see that moment in the locker room, it was great.

They took a necessary step back last year, they needed to wait for some contracts to come off the books so they had financial flexibility and Beane and McDermott could go out and get the guys they wanted.

After seeing them in Buffalo this past Sunday, taking on the New England Patriots, I am here to tell you one thing and one thing only.


Okay, just so you don’t think that I’m being a homer about this team, because even though I am, there are numbers to back up this statement.

First of all, the Bills should’ve beat the Patriots on Sunday. If it wasn’t for a blocked punt, a slow start, and a cheap hit on franchise quarterback Josh Allen, the Bills find the endzone down the stretch and they take out the No. 1 team in the NFL.

Now, what makes me say this. Well…here we go.

Before Sunday, the Patriots had yet to let up an offensive touchdown and outscored their first three opponents 106-17 (The New York Jets scored two defensive touchdowns late in their Week 3 matchup). The Bills scored the first one when Josh Allen jumped the pile and scored on a 1-yard run.

So, back to Sunday at New Era Field in front of the best fans in the WORLD. Not the country, not the NFL.


I can’t even describe how electric the stadium was on Sunday, when they were down 13-3 heading into halftime, the energy never changed which is one consistent thing that keeps me alive and kicking every year. It makes it great to be a Bills fan, if you’ve never experienced it, put it on your bucket list.

Okay, now to the statistics.

The Bills limited the No. 1 Patriots to 150 yards through the air. Micah Hyde also picked off Tom Brady and of course, Belichick was looking for some info after the game.

They also only allowed 74 yards on the ground. You may be thinking to yourself, well, that’s 224 total offense, that’s not bad.

But going into Sunday, the Patriots were averaging 362 offensive yards per game and Mr. TB12 was averaging 271 yards through the air. I call that a pretty dominant defensive performance by the Bills, who are ranked as the second best defensive team in the NFL by ESPN.

Now to the offense.

The Bills got a slow start, a couple incomplete passes that should’ve been gimmies and an early interception were evident of that. But, Josh Allen is a gun slinger and takes risks, that’s what we like about him. He’s also a winner and he was willing the Bills back into the game after the early deficit.

He found ways to create offense and was spreading the ball around. Four receivers had over 50 yards on the best defense in the league. Also old man Frank Gore was an animal and rushed for over 100 yards, something no other running back has accomplished against the Patriots this season.

Okay, I’m ranting. But the point is, the Bills have arrived. Led by Sean McDermott this team is for real. I mean who else would throw Bill Belichick’s son off the field during pregame. He wasn’t having, he was fired up, these are the things I love to see.

McDermott is having no cheating in his house. The Bills are for real people, take notice. They are coming.

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