Moneyball (Jared Goff Ended Me)

Well Moneyball fans week four did not go as planned. Not that my teams didn’t perform. More that some outstanding individual performances allowed my opponents to win their games. 

In the 8 Team League my opponent had Jared Goff and Robert Woods. Between the two of them they scored 81.08 points. The real travesty of this on his team I have and started Brandin Cooks. Apparently tho Jared Goff doesn’t believe in sharing the wealth amongst his receivers. So therefore I am happy the Rams lost.

If either Goff or Woods would have had an average week I would have won the game handedly. Sometimes that happens in Fantasy Football.

BUT THEN! Michael Brookheart comes in and cleans my clock in the Thoughts From The Bench League. In Spite of a great performance from Nick Chubb I lost every head to head battle with the exception of my flex receiver and QB.

If I had won at least one of these matchups I would feel ok. But here I am. With two L’s in my pocket, questioning if the Cleveland Browns were a smart horse to attach my wagon too. Baker has started to show some consistency, but OBJ has been disappointing for the better part of the season. The Eagles receiving core is banged up. Maybe if they were healthy, things would be different. Plus lets not forget that David Njoku’s appsense has truly impacted this team. This is a guy who is kind of like Gronkowski and should be generating WR1 esc points.

I don’t know what to think. Maybe Moneyball won’t work this year. Matchups are down below.

8 Team League

Thoughts From The Bench League

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