10 Wrestlers Who Need the Reset Button

Vince McMahon came out on Monday Night RAW last night and proclaimed there will be a reset. That the WWE have not been giving us what we want and that is going to change immediately. So if this is true, who are the Wrestlers who stand to benefit the most from this “Reset”.

#10 – Kevin Owens:


The former Universal Champion is arguably the best heel in the company not named Seth Rollins. If the reset button is to give us what we want then Kevin Owens is what we want. The version of Kevin Owens/Steen who was in Ring Of Honor was so good that it made WWE take a gamble on a guy who doesn’t fit any of their molds. He is a great talker, but definitely not PG. His in ring work is incredible, but not “safe”. His image is unique but not considered aesthetically pleasing. If the rests button is hit please oh please give us Kill Steen Kill not Run Owens Run.

#9 – The Bullet Club:


With the future of the Young Buck uncertain, and the faction as a whole being reigned into New Japan only there is a gap. A gap for the most badass faction of all time to reemerge with its original members. Currently in the WWE, Finn Balor is a middling talent with potential, but hasn’t had a true feud since the Bray Wyatt debacle. The “Club” aka Anderson and Gallows have done literally nothing. So WWE you want to give us what we want? Well how about you untie the three of them, let them be heels, and I will throw money at you until I throw up. Maybe add Sasha Banks for a new twist on a classic?

#8 – Aleister Black:


The current WWE environment is not safe for the Dutch Destroyer. Guys like Bray Wyatt, Matt Hardy, and Randy Orton have been neutered, by not being allowed to be truly ruthless. Not that Aleister Black is ruthless per say, but his brand is not PG friendly. I fear that his look alone is enough to keep him from the spotlight he deserves. A reset button on where characters are allowed to go could create the perfect environment for Aleister.

#7 – Bayley:


Everyone’s favorite NXT Women’s Champion can be rejuvenated with a reset button. She is still one of the best workers of the women’s, but her character has gone dry. Take her off TV for a while with a re-debut at the Rumble, and even a Rumble win. Next thing you know Bayley is just as big a Ronda Rousey.

#6 – The Undisputed Era:


If your going to resurrect the Bullet Club. Might as well bring up the Undisputed Era. Their bullying antics will allow them to get over quickly with fans, and because all four members are true professionals they will stay over. We all know Adam Cole is going to be a big star, but his size and antics are not fit for the current environment. A restart with the hottest heel faction in the biz at his back could garner 60 thousand fans yelling ADAM COLE BAY BAY this year at WrestleMania.

#5 – Johnny Gargano:


Let’s be honest for a moment. We are all worried that Johnny Wrestling’s cellign is 205 Live. He is everything you could want in a pro-wrestler, but he just isn’t big enough in the current WWE Environment to garner the attention he deserves. Assuming a new WWE pushes who “WE” want, then it’s safe to assume Gargano’s path to the top of the card could be the best thing since Daniel Bryan’s 2014 run to WrestleMania.

#4 – Velveteen Dream:


Rocky Maivia debuted in 1996, to a crowd of boos. A year later Vince McMahon kicked off the Attitude Era, in which The Rock became arguably the biggest star of a generation. If this promo from Monday is our new Attitude Era, then there is one man who stand to benefit more than any other and his name is the Velveteen Dream.

#3 – Rusev:


Do i need to explain this? Triple H said we are the authority, they will give us what we want. Well I think everyone can agree we want one thing more than anything, its Rusev Day!

#2 – Sasha Banks:


If you ask the Indie Darling strait up who my favorite Pro Wrestler is, he would tell you its Sasha Banks. The Legit Boss captured my imagination the second I saw her. You knew everything about her the second her music hit. She was larger than life, her personality and gimmick translated beyond wrestling. Her in ring work is unique, physical and believable. On the mic she may be the best of her generation. However since coming to the main roster the bite has been taken out of The Boss. A reset would allow her to return to her Legit Boss character and give a much needed second heel to the women’s roster.

#1 – Bray Wyatt:


In 2013 I turned on Monday Night Raw for the first time in over ten years. The first character I saw was Bray Wyatt. The Wyatt Family was headed for a collision course with The Shield. Their leader was charismatic, he looked different, his style was physical. When Bray threw the weight of his body into an opponent you felt it on your coach. Unfortunately The Shield were split up because of the desperate need for singles talent. The Wyatt Family were tossed into a feud with Daniel Bryan when no one wanted it. Then a string of injuries sidelined Bray keeping him from building momentum. After every big feud Bray would get hurt or the feud was so bad that people quit caring. Until the Woken Matt Hardy appeared, and we thought this was it Bray’s big break, alas injuries and poor booking buried the Eater of Worlds again. Part of what make Wyatt so great is the ability to transport the fan out of the traditional wrestling feud and take them somewhere spooky and mystical. This appeal did wonders for guys like Undertaker, Mankind, and Kane. Even guys like Ultimate Warrior benefited from this fictional twist often not brought into wrestling. However this means that his opponents must be chosen carefully. Their characters have to be able to play inside Bray’s rules while still maintaining the things that make them great. The Rock, Triple H and Shawn Michael accomplished this. Where as guys like Stone Cold were not as friendly to the supernatural and failed to connect with fans in that realm. So if the reset is true then Bray Wyatt can truly become the next in a long line of mystical characters. It will take careful planning, a Wyatt Family reunion and the right dance partners, but if Bray Wyatt is handled correctly he can immediately fill a much need role at the top of the card.

Later this week we will take a survey of the current independent rosters and who could be a prime target for a new look WWE.

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