Anthony Davis to the Lakers – How Realistic is it

So, if you have followed anything about Thoughts From the Bench or Two Beers Deep, you know I have a strong and binding love to the Lakers organization. If you ever doubt my loyalty, just know that I loved the Lakers when their best player was Nick Young, as brutal as that was.

The current NBA rumor cycle has the Brow Anthony Davis headed to the Lakers to team up with Lebron James. Obviously this would be by far the greatest player Lebron has ever played with talent wise, with AD’s only true competition for that being Wade, Bosh and Irving.

Anthony Davis is the player in the NBA I would start my franchise with tomorrow no questions asked. Obviously, others might go with the Greek Freak or KAT, but what Davis has been able to do throughout his career with arguably zero help in New Orleans has been outstanding.

New Orleans has come out and blatantly said that they would have to receive Beyonce to even consider trading the Brow, which personally I found hysterical. But let’s look at what this really means. The Pelicans can offer AD more money ($230 million) than any other franchise due to the new attempt at keeping home grown talent in smaller markets. Currently, John Wall and Russell Westbrook are the only NBA players (NBA Reddit) to sign the Super Max deal. For those who don’t know, the Super Max is an option for the team that drafted a player to pay more than the free agent market can pay.

So…Ad to the Lakers, how real are we talking here” Let’s just say it’s not impossible. The Lakers would have to give up three of their four young talent on the roster in Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart or Brandon Ingram. They would also have to give up significant future draft stock. The move would solidify my original worries about LBJ signing with the Lakers, which was the young progressive talent they had been building to find would be blown up in an attempt to win James a ring in LA. Personally, Anthony Davis would be the ONLY player I would even consider this move for.

Also, for any Lakers front office execs reading this….please, don’t sign Melo. Just a personal request. Don’t do it. Lebron had to say he would want to play with Melo, but you know damn well he’s sliding into Magic’s office saying “Hey, uhhh boss yeah….don’t bring him here.”

Personally, if I’m the Pelicans, I’m going after Jason Tatum and the Celtics draft picks. They have the assets for this move, and AD would have a much longer championship shot with that young roster than the Lakers current roster, which breaks my heart to even say.

All in all……I wouldn’t be too mad adding the NBA’s most under appreciated super star to the Lake Show.

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