When I woke up this morning the air was different in the room. For once, the silence in the apartment was as loud as ever, proving that today is not just a regular Sunday. For weeks we have risen on a Sunday, waiting for the short sentence of truth to be uttered back into the cosmos. Ladies and Gentlemen…football is back!

I can’t wait. As I write this blog (sometimes I have to remind myself we are a blog after all) I just want to get a few things off of my chest. First, apologies on the lack of fantasy football content leading up to the season. Life happens fast and in the blink of an eye I’m a 29 year old tubby man with a job that requires me to put less time into TFTB and a journey to find the passion in content again. One thing, and one thing alone can bring the joy back to content for me. And it starts today with a man named Scott Hanson. Commercial free football is among us!

Find me on Twitter at @dekewhiten for any specific questions and let’s have a day.

Let’s talk fantasy *insert clap emoji*


Zach Ertz – Listed as questionable for todays matchup with the Chiefs but should be healthy enough to go today. Personally I’ve never been a massive Ertz guy in fantasy as he feels like the top of the “he isn’t elite, but…” category. That being said, Rondale Moore is out today and DeAndre Hopkins will miss the first 6 games with PED concerns for this season. Ertz has a really nice chance to cement himself as the guy today, especially in the redone if they decide to not hand the ball to James Conner. Start Ertz with confidence that he has all the right chances to be relevant today.

Drake London – If there was a formula to be fantasy relevant as a rookie wideout, Drake London is in the perfect position to prove it right. A bad offense where they’ll need to have someone emerge at the WR position combined with the talent London provides has him as the top rookie wr heading into the season. All the hype has to hit though for London to be a weekly starter, starting with a tough match against Lattimore and the Saints. London’s value comes down to Mariota for me, who has proven to be serviceable when called upon. London will go today so we will finally see the USC prospect in action.

J.K. Dobbins – After appearing to have a “notable limp” in practice this past week, J.K. Dobbins should be able to start today against the Jets. Personally I don’t feel comfortable enough with Dobbins situation to even draft him let alone start him, but the Ravens offense is always weird with their running backs. Dobbins is by far the best option they have at the position with Gus Edwards out but I’m not sold on Dobbins in week one. I’m a big fan of being burnt because you played it safe as opposed to being burnt for taking that chance….S/O Cam Akers. *

**NOTE – J.K. Dobbins is now officiallly OUT for today’s matchup**

Allen Lazard – Some of the biggest fantasy football news from this offseason was centered around the Green Bay Packers team with the departure of Davante Adams. Lazard is the clear choice as to who will fill in for those targets with Romeo Doubs and Christian Watson both needing time to get something together with QB Aaron Rodgers. Lazard will not be playing today, leaving the door wide open as to who will be the Packers number one receiver in week one.

George Kittle – Sadly for fantasy football lovers, Kittle has become a burn of a draft pick the last two years. He has been riddled with injuries and has been more of a glorified tackle than a tight end in this run heavy offense. He will miss today’s matchup with the Bears but I don’t believe you should be rushing to snag his backup (currently Charlie Woerner on the 49ers depth chart). Lance is a massive question mark heading into this season so expect the Niners to be a very run heavy team once again.

Chris Godwin – Godwin is slated to suit up against the Cowboys today which is good news for everyone, except Julio Jones enthusiasts. I’m not sure just how much of the gameplay Godwin will be a part of, but he is one of the best weapons in the league when healthy. Expect a snap count for the slot receiver with Mike Evans massively benefiting from any time missed.

Russell Gage – Gage is currently listed as “likely to play” in Sunday’s matchup which is great for giving us all a massive headache. Tom Brady himself damn near demanded Gage be added to the Bucs this offseason, an offseason that includes adding HOF wide receiver (I SAID IT DAMNIT) Julio Jones as well. I’m not starting Gage, but don’t be floored if he warrants WR2 numbers after week one.


There are only two reasons anyone has every clicked on a TFTB article. One, because you love us and want us to be happy seeing you be happy by us being happy making content. And Two, Fantasy Football Sleepers. Let’s take a look at a few guys who just might cement themselves this week.

Romeo Doubs – Like I mentioned above Lazard will not go today, leaving a hole in the starting depth chart for the Packers next to Sammy Watkins and Randall Cobb. There’s a real shot coming out of week one that any Packers wideout could be the next star seeing as well all expect Rodgers to still be MVP tier. Doubs has a nice shot, but it won’t be a long leash for the rookie today.

Adam Thielen – Everyone knows Justin Jefferson is THAT DUDE, but what should we expect from the rest of the offense in Minnesota? Reports out of camp are that Theilen is looking like his old self, something that should be helpful to Kirk Cousins and this new pass heavy offense. The Packers have two damn near elite DB’s in Alexander and Stokes, but Thielen’s redzone opportunities could put him in the win column today.

A.J. Dillon – I know this is not a sleeper, but I am banging the drum every which way until everyone knows how much I love me some A.J. Dillon. Jones will be the Packers “lead” back, but Dillon has proven he can be a top tier back in this league and with the new regime at wr for Rodgers, I see a run heavy approach today against a weak Minnesota defense.

Damien Williams – Atlanta’s running back situation is still up in the air after Cordarrelle Patterson accounted for 30% of the Falcons offense last year. They drafted Tyler Allegier, but Damien Williams provides this team with some proven talent despite that talent being a few years removed. I think Patterson naturally still receivers the top touches, but look for Williams to be used as well especially in PPR formats.

Kenneth Gainwell – I won’t trust the Eagles running backs until someone emerges as the number one back. To be blunt I just don’t like Miles Sanders in fantasy football and Gainwell looks to be the top back eating into some of Sanders workload. I would absolutely not play Gainwell today, but this should be a nice test for the Eagles to see just how run heavy they can become.

Hayden Hurst – If you’re really stretching thin with Kittle out, Hayden Hurst may be the answer. Last year the Bengals loved Ozumah and carved out an actual starting role for him in fantasy some weeks despite their amazing receiving group. Hurst has had a mixed career so far but the athletic ability is there. The Steelers have also been getting torched by TE’s due to our bad line backer play, something that Myles Jack and new coach Brian Flores should fix. That all being said, they didn’t bring Hurst in for his amazing hair.

Irv Smith Jr. – If you know anything about me, you’ll know this is the name that I get burnt on the most…but not this year! This is the season that Smith will finally take that leap and become a starting fantasy football tight end alongside that insane offense in Minnesota…hopefully.

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