Dre Predictions: NFL 2022-2023 Szn

Ohhhh how we missed you!! It always feels so long waiting for the kickoff of the NFL season but we finally made it! The Bills and the Rams kicked us off last night with an ass beating of the Rams, but it’ll be all too glorious when Scott Hanson officially utters the sentence: “7 hours of commercial free football!” 

As I do every year, I desperately attempt to absolutely nail down the divisions, award winners, and Super Bowl outcome. It’s all for the love of the game baby! It’s just the last piece of the pie before we truly enjoy what is on the horizon. 

So no need to watch the season unfold as I have everything listed right here:

If the Rams win the Super Bowl this year, they will be the first team to repeat since the New England Patriots in Super Bowl’s 38 and 39.

AFC East

  1. Bills*
  2. Dolphins*
  3. Patriots
  4. Jets

AFC North

  1. Ravens*
  2. Bengals*
  3. Steelers
  4. Browns

AFC South

  1. Colts*
  2. Titans
  3. Jaguars
  4. Texans

AFC West

  1. Chargers*
  2. Broncos*
  3. Raiders
  4. Chiefs

NFC East

  1. Eagles*
  2. Cowboys
  3. Commanders
  4. Giants

NFC North

  1. Vikings*
  2. Packers*
  3. Lions
  4. Bears

NFC South

  1. Buccaneers*
  2. Panthers*
  3. Saints
  4. Falcons

NFC West

  1. 49ers*
  2. Rams*
  3. Cardinals
  4. Seahawks

Wild Card Round


  • (2) Chargers over (7) Broncos
  • (3) Ravens over (6) Dolphins
  • (4) Colts over (5) Bengals


  • (2) Vikings over (7) Panthers
  • (6) Packers over (3) Buccaneers
  • (4) 49ers over (5) Rams

Divisional Round


  • (4) Colts over (1) Bills
  • (2) Chargers over (3) Ravens


  • (1) Eagles over (6) Packers
  • (2) Vikings over (4) 49ers

Championship Round

AFC: (2) Chargers over (4) Colts

NFC: (1) Eagles over (2) Vikings

Super Bowl LVII: Chargers over Eagles

NFL Award Winners

NFL MVP: Josh Allen

This is 100% his award to lose. That simple.
Runners up: Justin Herbert, Jalen Hurts

Offensive Player of the Year: Justin Jefferson

JJ has been the most productive receiver in NFL history for the first 2 years of his career. This year he’s going to somehow take it to the next level.
Runners up: Christian McCaffery, Javonte Williams

Defensive Player of the Year: Joey Bosa

The expectations of the LA Chargers defense is through the roof. With the additions of Khalil Mack and JC Jackson, Joey Bosa has no choice but to stand out.
Runners up: Nick Bosa, Darius Slay

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Kenny Pickett

It’s a QB driven league and I am in the camp that Kenny Pickett will be taking over sooner rather than later. No shade on Mitch as I’m rooting for him. You just cannot invest the 1st rounder on a QB and not play him.
Runners up: Breece Hall, Damien Pierce

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner

He’s going to be tested all year with battling great receivers. This is me putting my money where my mouth is. I fully buy into the hype.
Runners up: Aiden Hutchinson, Jaquan Brisker

NFL Comeback Player of the Year: Christian McCaffery

This man has to come back and play at least 15 games in order for the Panthers to accomplish what I believe they can.
Runners up: Jameis Winston, Brian Robinson

Bold Predictions: 

  • The Chiefs, Steelers, and Patriots all miss the playoffs. I 100% think the Chiefs finish under .500 due to 2 factors. Factor 1 is that their division is loaded. We all understand the greatness of Patrick Mahomes as he’s an alien. Reason 2 however, this defense is hot garbage. It is not equipped to handle the fire power these NFL offenses have. The Steelers have a tough schedule and I’m betting against Tomlin. The reason for missing playoffs here though is just losing too many close games. I don’t believe they finish under .500 but this is the first season in the Tomlin era without Big Ben. 2018 I understand he got hurt, but that defense was unworldly. It has to return to those levels in order to have a chance. As for the Pats, they just don’t have anything elite on that roster for skill positions. Too many teams got better and they actually got worse losing JC Jackson. 
  • The Eagles going to the super bowl is pretty bold in itself but I am a massive believer in this team. I’m all in on the Jalen Hurts ascension to stardom so consider this the final call to hop aboard the rocket ship. A year without controversy in the QB room is going to do great for his mental. He also added AJ Brown to his receiving core. They also have the best OL in football which cannot hurt. What I genuinely believe in though is this defense. I love the additions of CJ Gardner-Johnson, Jordan Davis, Hasson Reddick, and James Bradberry. Oh and it helps that the NFC East is also hot garbage. 
  • Justin Jefferson will win the triple crown and be the first 2000 yard receiver in NFL history. No need to detail as to why this is going to happen. He’s a dog, Kirk really isn’t as bad as people make him out to be, and Kevin O’Connell will make JJ the focal point of the offense like he did with Kupp in LA.
  • Javonte Williams will be the Jonathan Taylor of fantasy RBs this year. 1800 rushing yards isn’t going to happen. Double-digit TDs and 1600+ total yards is 100% doable especially with the massive upgrade at QB. I’m not buying the split backfield of him and Melvin Gordon. You don’t buy a Ferrari just to have it sit in the garage in favor of the Buick LeSabre. Broncos Country….let’s ride!
  • Jags, Lions, and Jets take steps forward and will not pick in the top 5. I guess this is bold considering all 3 teams have stunk for years. I have them more so near the backend of the top 10. I like the direction of all 3 of these franchises after picking 1,2 and 3 last year. 
  • Number 1 pick of the 2023 NFL draft will be the Seattle Seahawks. If Mina Kimes reads this, she may cry but also understand. This team is absolutely atrocious and is in full rebuild mode. They traded away Russell Wilson and skipped QB last year despite obtaining a top 10 pick for the 2022 NFL Draft. The Seahawks FO is waiting to see who emerges out of CJ Stroud and Bryce Young. Hell, it could be someone else because that QB class appears to be pretty deep. 

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