The TFTB Music League

TFTB isn’t just the one-stop shop for literally every single terrible sports take you could ask for by a group of degenerate douchebags who don’t quite have anything better to do. TFTB is our little corner of the internet that allows us to mess around with whatever ideas spring into our brains that day whether it’s ranking dollar menu items, drafting our dream beer buddies or losing small amounts of money on sports we don’t fully understand.

This also spawns genius ideas such as the TFTB Music League.

Steph had the WONDERFUL idea to bring together some TFTB members to participate in the Music League, a game driven by Spotify playlist curation that gives the users the ability to show off their music knowledge.

The league, which is in its second round, includes myself, Steph, The RankKing, Vo, Malek, Elsass, Denny and Dre. There is a slim chance that Smalls sneaks in on round three setting him back in the overall rankings, but pushing him forward in friendship and music knowledge.

Here’s how the league works; Each round the give you a category title where you can submit two songs off of Spotify to fit the category needs. For example, if we were to put down “Jingles that suck bad but you can’t get out of your head”, I would put “LIBERTY LIBERTY LIBERTY, LIBERTY” because that shit lives rent free in my noggin. Then you listen to the playlist and award points to each song. Easy peasy.

Round one of the league was titled “Covers”, a safe space to showcase your cover knowledge of which songs have been redone over the years. Currently, Steph is in first place with 17 of the total votes with Vo in second (11) and YOUR BOI in third with 10. Dennis hysterically has 0 points but that’s because he didnt’ play in round one, NOT because he didn’t get any deserved points.

This next round is titled “Guilty Pleasures” which I have to admit, I feel as if some people in the league didn’t understand the assignment. Guilty Pleasures aren’t absolute atomic BANGERS that you can’t stop singing. GP’s (Guilty Pleasures for you nerds) are tracks you can’t tell your friends you know every word to.

We’re currently waiting on Dre to finish his voting as he blatantly lied and said he was doing it this morning but as soon as the results are in I’ll be sure to give an update.

Check out the playlist and let us know what you think!

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