2022 NFL Draft My Guys – Moorhead

The time has come… I can finally prove to the rest of the benchers and viewers that I know my stuff when it comes to my guys. The draft brings us prospects left and right, but sometimes it is just love at first sight when it comes to certain players’ abilities.

I have five guys in mind. Two edge rushers, a wide receiver, a corner, and a safety. Like Deke said in his last article, we did a draft to decide who took who so no one got the same person. I’ll admit tempers may have flared between Dre and I on some guys, but that just shows some passion (and some b**ch energy from Dre in invisible ink).

I have the ability to win this part of our draft segment. People just count me out because I’ve never done this before. However, I’ve faced tougher challenges than this. You try walking into a bar and not having thoughts on the Tom Collins issue with us. It’s a real thing.

Anyway, let’s get down to it. I’ll put each guy down here and go into some explanation of why they are amazing draft choices and prospects. My names might be a little more known than some other people you will find on some other blogs, but it shouldn’t matter if you’re awesome… like me. Enough stalling though let’s get down to business.

Travon Walker

It’s kinda crazy how I only took one Georgia Bulldog, but someone ended up swiping Nakobe Dean from me. It’s sad. What isn’t sad, however, is my first guy; Travon Walker. A pure athletic freak to the point where you wanna turn the other way if he’s running at you. Walker has a unique factor of being classified as both a defensive lineman and an edge rusher. His overall presence gives fear to opposing players running the ball. His overall pass rush needs a bit of work, but given his ability to stop the run, his combine stats, and his overall size compiled with his freak of nature speed makes him a for sure player to go in the too five; calling it now!

Drake London

Drake London (aka Mike Evans 2.0) is going to make splashes wherever he lands up. Teams can go from the Jets at the #10 spot to the Saints first or second pick. That stretch could see London going to anyone one of those teams, and they would be thrilled to have him. The massive 6’5 receiver has the ability to go one on one for big mismatch potential, can hit routes great underneath or downfield, and has is a huge threat in the red zone. People are going to use the injury to his ankle to sway the opinion I have away from you, but they are a bunch of dumb dumbs anyway. Plus, while some might have him succeeding later in his career, I have him being an instant starting weapon to dominate the field no matter who the opponent is.

Jermaine Johnson II

So maybe I lied at the beginning when I said I took one “Georgia Bulldog”. While it is true that edge rusher Jermaine Johnson plays for Florida State, he was originally a part of Georgia’s dominant defense. Not to limit himself to a rotation, Johnson transferred to Florida State and made an instant impact as a Seminole. I also love the fact that he was on “Last Chance U”. It’s no secret of my love for Johnson as I have him a very high pick in this year’s draft. In my mind, it was because he transferred. The transfer to Florida State was the best thing that could have happened to Johnson as he shined like a star through their program. His explosive nature with his pass rush will make him a nightmare for offensive linemen everywhere.

Andrew Booth Jr.

I’m gonna be honest, I pretty much love this entire cornerback class. I go from one cat to the next in terms of their skill sets. Originally, I loved Roger McCreary, and then I was a fan of Trent McDuffie. However, the love has always been there for this guy; Clemson’s Andrew Booth Jr. Honestly, my love for him increased when I heard it was possible the Steelers could take him in the first round. It is unlikely, but honestly, I wouldn’t count it out either with Haden most likely being done. Booth has a good eye for the ball and is great for any scheme although he excels in the zone/press scheme, and he can even help slow the run down by coming down on blitzes on certain coverages. Whether it is us or another team, I guarantee that Booth will be a very prominent option in their depth chart.

Jalen Pitre

At the bench, it seems we all really love a different safety in this class. Some might view mine as the least valuable, but in my eyes that couldn’t be further from the truth. Baylor’s Jalen Pitre has started climbing the ranks to now being considered a second-day selection. He earned it though, his performance in the Senior Bowl was awesome and he tested well at the combine. His character and football IQ are a coach’s safety wet dream to have along with the fact he can catch the quarterback making mistakes pretty easily. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he got picked up by one of the teams of the NFC East or even the Jets now that I’m thinking about it. He’s a player ready to make a statement wherever he goes.

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