2022 NFL Draft My Guys – Malek

As the classic 60’s singer Mary Wells so eloquently put it: “There’s nothing you could say to tear me away from my guy”. Am I showing my old age from remembering a song my grandparents played when I was a kid? Perhaps. But am I shying away in any way from my guys? I think not!

I’m not really the type of person who likes to write blogs in general so instead of continuing on this rambling nonsense with more introduction paragraphs that are unnecessary, let’s just get into my list shall we?

Jordan Davis

The Dancing Bear! I know in today’s NFL, the logic of having a nose tackle might be considered somewhat archaic. Teams don’t nearly run the ball as much as they used to so requiring a Casey Hampton level player to take on multiple blockers and clog up a hole might not be desirable. However I challenge any person who knows a thing about football to tell me they wouldn’t a defensive lineman who weighs well over 350 and rand a 4.78 40 at the combine. Think about that. The man has WHEELS! This is also not a flash in the pan either. Davis was easily the best player on possibly the best college football defense ever. He is legitimate.

Ikem Ekwonu

As an ode to legendary singer Chip Skylark, I give you a refresh: “Icky Icky you’re so so Sicky just the thought of being around you makes me oh so Picky!” I have been preaching to the heavens since before this college football season began that Ikem Ekwonu was the best offensive lineman in this draft. He is the rare specimen that if you put him at tackle, he’d be elite. But if you put him at guard, he’s a Hall of Famer. I love the way he plays and I truly do think he’ll be drafted with the intention of being a blind side protector. He bullies people at the line and will be an absolute menace at the next level.

Nakobe Dean

Ever wonder what a heat-seeking missile would look like on a football field? Watch the CFP Semifinal game between Georgia and Michigan and that’s EXACTLY how one should describe Nakobe Dean. The man is a straight up weapon that runs from sideline to sideline with the intention of attacking whoever has the football. Quite frankly, I believe he’s been disrespected throughout this draft process because the hatred towards under-sized linebackers is strong. I am here to preach for anyone who can hear me that if you put this man on your defense, you will be better. There’s nothing more I can explain than that.

Skyy Moore

You clearly know I like someone when the picture I chose is them burning my beloved Pitt Panthers at a game I witnessed in person. Skyy Moore started sneaking up draft boards after posting a 4.4 40 at the combine along with an impressive performance in other drills. I also understand the hesitancy of taking him when he is 5’9. However, I believe in today’s NFL, speed has become a much more important factor in wide receivers than compared to height. Smart offensive play-callers will find ways to use their weapons correctly and Skyy Moore will add to that capability. Plus come on, how can you not root for a Pittsburgh native who proved himself in the MAC? That’s blue collar by itself.

Tyler Smith

A favorite of mine before the combine process began, Tyler Smith has also started to steadily rise up draft boards as of late. Something that I love when looking at offensive lineman is how aggressive they are at the snap. That word is all I saw when describing Smith and watching video proved to be exactly the case. Also have to respect the fact they he started at Left Tackle as a true freshman and held his own ever since. You don’t see that too often at any D-1 school so pressure is something that can clearly be handled. I do believe he’d be better suited at guard, but a mean streak is paramount to me when it comes to looking at next great offensive linemen.

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