I have to be completely transparent, the reason I force our creators to do a “My Guy” blog for the 2022 NFL Draft is purposely for Dre and Moorhead because after a certain amount of time, they both tend to claim that everyone being taken in the first two rounds is a guy they called back in the year 2019.

Jokes aside, the My Guy blog allows us to call a few shots in a formal location and be a little vulnerable with our small audience. I know for a fact people love to prove other people wrong and saying that one corner over another is “My Guy” offers that up on a silver platter.

We did a draft for the claim to certain individuals so that no person could possible have the same guys as another. Naturally this led to a small amount of swearing and a large amount of frustration about certain players in this class, some of which we haven’t even spoke about to one another until that moment (myself especially, S/O Mario Goodrich).

The only way to see who “wins” this portion of the NFL Draft coverage is to come back once every single player on this list retires and see who has the best career and for that reason alone, I feel strong that I’ll win since we will NEVER remember to come back.

Also, I didn’t fully intend to take this many defensive backs but the truth is I wanted one more at the end and bounced out just to be safe.

George Pickens

Pickens at one point was arguably the top receiver in this draft class before he tore is ACL in the pre-season. This draft class is loaded with potential WR1’s and Pickens has the chance to still be elite despite his Day Two grade. He reminds a few draft scouts of Elijah Moore with a slight drop in overall draft stock combined with the upside of an elite wide out.

Derek Stingley Jr.

Don’t get it twisted, Derek Stingley Jr. is STILL the number one corner in this class. I understand the love for Ahmed “Sauce” Gardner and it’s correctly placed, but what we saw from Stingley his rookie year was arguably the best version of a DB in college since Jalen Ramsey. Stingley has been riddled with injuries in college and was extremely disappointing last season, but the talent is there. In the right situation Stingley has arguably the most upside of any player in this class if he can find his way back to elite form.

Jaquan Brisker

Jaquan Brisker is an extremely interesting prospect for this class due to the nature of the Safety position. I love Brisker’s dominant speed in the box and his athleticism to make plays all over the field. Kyle Hamilton is absolutely the number one safety in this class, but Brisker provides a team with arguably as much upside at the professional level. Whoever ends up with Brisker will be very, very happy.

Mario Goodrich

I have kept my love for Mario Goodrich a bit close to the chest leading up to the Draft but if you’ve noticed any of my Steelers Mocks (which I would have had to text to you in your defense, lowly reader) I almost always snag Goodrich in the third. Goodrich is an excellent corner who can excel in man coverage or zone. He plays bigger than he is and has that quality balance of ball skill and tackling that should have NFL teams just waiting for him to fall into their laps. He doesn’t quite have the shut down ability right now that Sauce of Stingley provide, but a team with a #1 corner in place would adore Goodrich opposite their star. With Levi Wallace heading to Pittsburgh, Goodrich feels like an amazing fill in to partner with Tredavious White in Buffalo for example.

Hassan Haskins

I wanted to get in one running back and since the class is a bit wonky, let’s go with a guy who could be an amazing sleeper come Fantasy Football time. Hassan Haskins had a career resurgence in his final year at Ann Arbor and was a part of a rather impressive two headed monster for Michigan. He’s an early down back with upside due to his quality pass blocking. He isn’t exactly a breakaway style back but his tough demeanor and ability to be used 20+ times a game should make Haskins an interesting addition to any team.

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