Start’ Em Sit’ Em Running Backs – Week 14

Let’s see how we did last weekend when it came to the running backs in terms of fantasy numbers. For once, this column pulled in a win as Miles Sanders was the start and he finished with his best points of the season. Saquon Barkley was my sit, and he did okay, but the old Saquon we all know and love. Let’s try to repeat for this week!


Start of the Week;

Javonte Williams vs Detroit Lions

Williams was trusted with starting for the Broncos running room with Melvin Gordon out, and man did he deliver against the Chiefs. He should be wonderful this weekend when the Broncos take on the Lions. Their defense has gotten the better of running backs at times, but the way Williams played last weekend makes me believe he will be amazing this weekend with the Lions fixating on their one win of the season.

James Robinson vs Tennessee Titans

Robinson was wrongfully benched last weekend for a fumble. Urban Meyer is stupid, and that was by far the dumbest thing he has done all season. You cannot bench your best player, and Trevor Lawrence voiced that from the rooftops after last week’s loss to the Rams. He should rebound quite nicely here when they face the Tennessee Titans. They are a team that has been struggling against opposing running backs this season. If Urban stays out of the way, Robinson should thrive here.

Josh Jacobs vs Kansas City Chiefs

Jacobs should see some extra work now that the Raiders have put Kenyan Drake on IR. That is a good thing as he will be facing the Kansas City Chiefs this weekend. If the defense can hold Mahomes to what he has been playing like, then Jacobs can see some great running opportunities given to him in this one. The Chiefs’ defense has been getting a little bit better, but this is a division game with a lot on the line so I am willing to bet on Jacobs here.

Clyde Edwards-Hellaire vs Las Vegas Raiders

Clyde has been doing okay since coming back into the lineups after an injury. I would think he has a great matchup here against the Raiders this weekend. The Chiefs will need to start running the ball and dumping more often to CEH due to Mahomes’s inconsistencies. The Raiders also give up a large amount of points to running backs so this just makes sense to put this here.

Chuba Hubbard vs Atlanta Falcons

With McCaffrey back on IR, Chuba Hubbard should be a well deserved pickup off the waiver wire if he is available. He will be going up against the Atlanta Falcons whose defense has just been all season. Expect Cam Newton to hand it off to him or give him some nice dump off passes that he has given fantasy owners in the past. Get him in that lineup, people.


Tony Pollard vs Washington Football Team

Rex Burkhead vs Seattle Seahawks

D’Onta Foreman vs Jacksonville Jaguars


Sit of the Week;

Ezekiel Elliot vs Washington Football Team

Fantasy owners should be a little scared here of Zeke’s production as of late in the Cowboys’ backfield. Now it seems like he might be more touchdown dependant as Tony Pollard is quickly starting to take more and more carries away from him. Not only that, but Washington’s defense has brought back the pressure in the running lanes. Zeke is a big star which sucks that he will be the sit of the week this week.

AJ Dillon vs Chicago Bears

This is a tough one for me to pick here given his success as of late, but you have to figure Aaron Jones bounces back at some point. This might be the one as Chicago has been falling down the slide of mediocrity these past few weeks when it comes to their defense. Jones should find more room and help this week which leaves Dillon on the side for pass-catching purposes only.

Kareem Hunt vs Baltimore Ravens

Hunt hasn’t done a lot this season since his injury and now he will be facing a Baltimore Ravens team that is pissed after losing to the Steelers. It is weird though because they will probably be still sticking to the run despite most of Baltimore’s secondary out of order which means a lot of these points will most likely go Nick Chubb’s way. Hunt has proven to be the guy to pick up when needed, but I don’t know people, I am just not feeling it.

Jamaal Williams vs Denver Broncos

Williams had his shot last weekend against the Vikings. He did okay in my eyes, but now he will be going up against the Denver Broncos. Their rushing defense has picked up since the return of Bradley Chubb. You also have to figure that Swift is gearing to make his return. Whether he plays or not, I do not like the matchup here.

Tevin Coleman vs New Orleans Saints

With how bad the Saints’ defense has been there has been some talk of the Jets running game having some fun here. Wrong. This won’t be a fun time if you are looking for points from this backfield. Still, Tevin Coleman has been the one that has gotten the most voice to maybe put as a flex. Honestly guys…you know better just don’t trust Coleman or how he will be used here.


Mike Davis vs Carolina Panthers

Devin Singletary vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Alex Collins vs Houston Texans

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